Identify your top three strengths from the BetterUp assessment. Explain how you currently use those strengths

Assessment 2 Instructions: Defining Yourself as a Leader

Prepare a 2-3 page business report in which you analyze your leadership strengths and develop a statement of who you are as a leader. Explain how coaching can be used to maximize your leadership strengths and achieve your professional goals.


This portfolio work project helps you define who you are as a leader. It is something that would be useful to you in annual performance reviews or to use as a reminder of your strengths and best qualities. 


Your leader is interested in your development as a leader in your organization. You have recently taken the BetterUp Whole Person Leadership self-assessment and have participated in at least one BetterUp coaching session. Your leader would like you to spend some time reflecting on the results of your assessment and gathering some additional information from those who know you best.

Your Role

Your role is to prepare a professional document in which you review and reflect on your strengths; collect additional information from 3–5 colleagues, friends, or others who know you well; and create a portrait of yourself as a leader.


BetterUp Preparation

Before completing this assessment, you must have taken the BetterUp self-assessment and participated in one coaching session. Refer to Resources: BetterUp Leadership Strengths Assessment for more information.

Collecting Additional Information Preparation

This assessment requires you to collect feedback from 3–5 people who know you best. 

Because not everyone is likely to respond, you should identify at least 10 people to ask. Choose a variety of people who have had extended contact with you, such as:

  • Colleagues (former or current), such as vendors, customers, or board members.
  • Friends (old or recent), neighbors, or fellow volunteers.
  • Family members.
  • Others who know you well. Be creative in your choices.

Try to give your respondents sufficient time to respond. You can create a feedback form or keep it simpler. 

The questions you should ask are:

  • Who am I when I am at my best?
  • Can you provide a specific example of a time when I was at my best?

You can reach out by phone, e-mail, text, or in person. 


Once you have all of the necessary information, prepare your report and address the following:

  • Analyze your leadership strengths.
    • Identify your top three strengths from the BetterUp assessment.
    • Explain how you currently use those strengths.
    • Describe who you are when you are at your best, according to your contacts.
    • Explain how your strengths are reflected in your actions when you are at your best.
  • Develop a statement of who you are as a leader, based on your analysis. You may wish to include your purpose, values, strengths, goals, and more. You may also wish to add to your statement who you want to be as a leader—what you aspire to. This way, your statement becomes your own vision of who you want to be.
  • Explain how the the live coaching experience that you had during this course can help you use your leadership strengths and best self to achieve your professional goals.

Deliverable Format

Your deliverable is a 2–3 page business report. Because this is a personal reflection, you may write it in the first person and do not need to cite any supporting references. 

Related company standards:

  • The Defining Yourself as a Leader assessment is a business report, which is a type of professional document and should therefore follow the professional style in the MBA Academic and Professional Document Guidelines (located in the MBA Program Resources), including single-spaced paragraphs.
  • In addition to the report, include:
    • Title page.
    • References page (if applicable).
    • APA formatted references (if applicable).


By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies through corresponding scoring guide criteria:

  • Competency 1: Analyze the strengths and behaviors of successful leaders.
    • Analyze personal leadership strengths.
    • Develop a personal leadership statement that includes purpose and values as a leader.
  • Competency 2: Apply leadership strengths and behaviors to workplace situations.
    • Explain how the live coaching experience during this course can help with the use of leadership strengths to achieve professional goals.
  • Competency 5: Communicate effectively through academic and professional writing.
    • Write content clearly and logically with correct use of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.

Faculty will use the scoring guide to review your deliverable as if they were your boss. Review the scoring guide prior to developing and submitting your assessment.

School has partnered with BetterUp to help you understand your leadership strengths and work one-on-one with a trained professional coach to develop your skills and make the most of your MBA program.

To access and complete the BetterUp assessment, do the following:

  1. Follow the BetterUp registration link to create your BetterUp account.
  2. Sign up for an account. You must use your e-mail address to create your BetterUp account. This e-mail address is your BetterUp username. Use it to sign into BetterUp, to meet virtually with your coach, and to receive reminders about upcoming sessions. Your school e-mail is also an important way you will receive your assessment results and other e-mail communications from BetterUp.
  3. Complete your onboarding assessment, which takes approximately 20 minutes. You must complete this step in order to match with a coach. The assessment also plays a fundamental role in supporting your growth and development through BetterUp.
  4. Select your BetterUp coach.
  5. Schedule your first 45-minute session!
  6. When your session time arrives, log onto BetterUp through the mobile app or website to meet virtually with your coach through the in-app video function or by phone.
  7. You may wish to download the BetterUp app to schedule sessions, read and review resources, send messages, and have video calls directly with your coach!

The BetterUp leadership self-assessment will take you about 15–20 minutes to complete and will give you valuable insight into the strengths you have as a leader. The purpose of the assessment is to help you become more self-aware about who you are as both a person and as a leader and how these strengths can help you to be successful in business. You are required to complete the assessment, as you will use the information from it in your assessment.

Once you have completed the self-assessment, you will be able to select the professional coach you would like to work with and schedule your first one-on-one synchronous coaching session. During this first coaching session, you and your coach will review the results of your assessment to help you more fully understand your strengths. You have the option to schedule a second coaching session, as school has arranged for you to have up to two 45-minute coaching sessions with a BetterUp coach. You are only required to complete the first coaching session, but if you choose to use the second coaching session (and you are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity), you can work with your coach to set goals for yourself in your MBA program or your career, as you see fit. Your coach can help you understand how to use your strengths to become an even better leader. If you choose to use two coaching sessions, both coaching sessions must be used before you finish this course.


To learn more about BetterUp coaching, watch these videos:

To learn more about how to log on and use the BetterUp tech-enabled platform, review the following:

To learn more about the Whole Person Leadership Model, use this resource:

Resources: Whole Person Leadership

These resources explore leadership from a variety of perspectives:

Agile Leadership


BetterUp Resources

Resources: Values and Purpose

These resources examine the importance of values and purpose in whole person leadership:

My coach for BetterUP was Michelle Bastock

Whole Person Strength Reoprt from my exercise with BetterUP

·         Empowerment 89/100

You encourage others to take ownership by allowing them to decide how best to approach their work. Your ability to support others decisions is highly motivating for driven individuals who appreciate the latitude you give them to ‘run with it’. You might typically:

  • Enable others to determine the best way to complete their job requirements.
    • Allow autonomy so others can make decisions on their own.
    • Structure work so that individuals have the flexibility to achieve in their own way.

·         Coaching 87/100

You guide and support others’ development through coaching. You have the ability to enable the growth of others by asking insightful questions and helping colleagues get the resources they need to be at their best. This might mean you:

  • Suggest opportunities for others to learn and develop.
    • Encourage others to set performance and career goals.
    • Ask open-ended questions to stimulate others’ thinking.

·         Recognition 84/100

You are good at recognizing and celebrating the efforts of others. Your encouragement keeps motivation high and inspires others to go the extra mile, amping productivity and making others feel good about their work. This might include:

  • Acknowledging individuals when they produce high-quality work.
    • Celebrating others’ milestones and achievements.
    • Encouraging those who go above and beyond in their work.

·         Encouraging 84/100

You are skilled at making sure all voices are heard by encouraging the participation of others. This allows ideas to shine through from all team members, and creates a culture of openness and inclusion. You might be known in your organization to:

  • Involve individuals in decisions that impact them.
    • Make sure others feel comfortable participating in discussions.
    • Encourage everyone to share their ideas.

·         Goal Attainment 81/100

You value your goals and believe you have what it takes to achieve them. Having clear goals will help you stay focused, perform at a higher level, and increase the likelihood that you will achieve what you want in life. Those with goal attainment as a strength:

  • Are confident that they can achieve the goals they set for themselves.
    • Ensure that they have the resources and support they need to be successful.
    • Select goals that are meaningful and important to them.


How to Interpret Your Whole Person Strengths Report

·         Score

Scores are based on a standardized scale centered around 50 as the average.

  • 61-100: Strength
    • 40-60: Potential strength
    • 0-39: Development area

What is the origin of these 25 skills?

The concepts included in the Whole Person Model were derived from decades of academic research in the fields of organizational, developmental, and positive psychology. BetterUp’s Science Board identified the top 25 concepts with the strongest research evidence for supporting personal Thriving and Inspiring others. We believe that everyone is a whole-person no matter where they score in these 25 areas. Rather, the term “whole person” is a reference to our belief that sustainable personal growth comes from changing your attitudes and beliefs, and not just your external behaviors.

Can I trust my results?

Self-reported assessments, when controlled through statistical tools for distorting incentives and properly validated items (i.e., questions), have been shown to be effective in a wide range of disciplines including health sciences and social sciences. It’s important to take these results for what they are – one additional perspective on your progress toward your goals. There are certainly factors outside of BetterUp that may impact your results and we encourage you to use them as a self-awareness tool to continue to strive for lasting positive changes in your life.

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