Final Project
You are required to complete a final project for this course. For the final project imagine that you are a
new counselor at the college’s student center, you will provide an assessment and a treatment plan for
someone presenting with an electronic addiction. You will prepare a 8-10 page paper about a new client
you are seeing that include answers to the following questions and topics.
● 1. What is the presenting electronic addiction problem? Provide a brief statement regarding why
this student has come in today. What motivated this client to get help?
● 2. What is the electronic addiction? Describe any short and/or long term risks of this addiction.
Relate this information specifically to this client’s situation.
● 3. What is/was the progression of use of this addiction? (Social issues?)
● 4. What changed to cause your client to suddenly seek treatment?
● 5. Assessment. (Identify a valid and reliable tool that you believe can be effective to assess this
client’s situation; explain why you feel this tool would be appropriate for your client.)
● 6. What is this client’s biological/medical background?
● 7. Are there any psychological issues?
● 8. What is this client’s social background?
● 9. What are some of this client’s strengths and challenges in relationship to this addiction?
● 10. What intervention will you suggest to help with this client’s electronic addiction?
● 11. Create an evidence-based treatment plan which would include:
○ Goals
○ Objectives
○ Action Plan
○ Intervention
○ Rationale/justification for your treatment plan
○ Challenges, and how to deal with them
● 12. Reference list (Do not include Wikipedia as a scholarly/reliable resource). You should
include at least 5 scholarly references.
If you have questions about the requirements of the project, be sure to discuss them with your mentor
well in advance of the final submission. Consult the Course Calendar for the due dates.
Click to review the Final Paper Evaluation Rubric.
[CO1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12]
You will complete your final project in three steps:
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Step 1: Final Project Part I: Introduction
Complete your Introduction of the final paper. This should consist of two paragraphs. The first paragraph
describes the problem of the client you are going to see. You should describe why they are coming in,
what motivated them? It’s a brief story. Your second paragraph should explain about their electronic
addiction, including risks, issues, etc. You may use the first four questions in the above list as a guide.
Consult the course Calendar for due date.
Step 2: Final Project Part II: Assessment Tool and Treatment Plan
Complete the body of your final paper. You will find this easier if you break this section down into several
parts. For example:
● Part 1: What is electronic addiction? Why did your client seek out treatment?
● Part 2: What type of assessment will you do? What is the client’s
biological/medical/psychological/social background?
● Part 3: Create an evidence-based treatment plan.
● Part 4: What will/does the future hold for your client?
You may also use questions 5 to 11 in the above list as a guide. Consult the course Calendar for due
Step 3: Final Project Part III: Final Paper
First, modify and combine Part I and II of the final project you finished early into one formal paper. During
the process, add a conclusion at the end. The conclusion should be about two paragraphs. The first one
re-explains the basics about your client. The second explains why seeing this client is important and any
impact that

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