Social Structure in Europe

Here are the instructions:

  1. You must answer all four questions (the maximum number of points are given at the end of each question). There are no length limits, but answers should be both sufficient (i.e., address ALL POINTS that are asked for) as well as focused and concise (i.e., not discuss loosely related or unrelated issues that are not addressed in the question). Excessive discussion of irrelevant or only loosely related issues will result in point deductions.
  2. You have to use all course materials that I uploaded, including only 4 lecture slides for a better understanding. It’s strictly prohibited to use any additional sources from outside, including online resources.
  3. Unlike in term papers, loose referencing (w/o naming exact sources) is admissible when paraphrasing (e.g., “Goldthorpe argued that…”). Verbatim quotations should be kept to a minimum and are best avoided completely. If you quote verbatim, you must clearly identify the quotation using quotation marks and provide the exact source.
  4. VERY IMPORTANT: Please write down the page number as well when referencing. That means you have to write references with the page number for four answers (for instance: Mau, 2010, page 128). Always use the sociological term to explain the answer. I expect 200-250 words for each answer. I have separated all readings for each answer. For instance, 2 pdf file named Question no 1 and slide 1 is only using for question 1.

Please follow the rules strictly

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