Shakespeare Literature – Government combined Analytical Paper

Shakespeare Literature – Government combined Analytical Paper

Instructions for paper

This is a thesis-based analytical paper. You must have the thesis as the first sentence in the first paragraph and the paper is supportive of the thesis.

Please use this as the beginning of the thesis: The castle is like the US government because they are both ??????  or something similar to this please.

Annotated Bibliography  (1 full page)

Includes any possible component pieces

Bibliography for analysis 

Analysis is much more than stating facts

Dig into literary and political themes

Components Essay  (5 pages )

Content: Thorough and deep analysis of the literary and political themes of the novel as well as the topics of morality and ethics. Students are encouraged to evaluate the regime in the novel: is it ethical, moral? (yes, no, why.) Students are also encouraged to either justify the type of government and its tactics or explain the individual’s response to the regime. 

Do not summarize the book, this is not a book report. An incorporation of textual support from primary and secondary sources is required. 

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