Organizational Structures and Functions

Organizational Structures and Functions
Based on the data gathered, the general picture you have obtained, and the results of the survey (as returned to you by your instructor), you will now focus on the organizational structure and functions for the proposed GAH and Community Clinic. I will provide the Survey when I get it withing 24 hrs.
In order to do so, you will need to define/address the following points:
*Note what common services or functions they can share (e.g., blood bank and laboratory services, shared operating rooms, pharmacy, etc.)
*Explain the organizational relationships between the structure blocks.
*How (if appropriate) will you integrate the services of physicians whose specialty is in geriatric treatment within the GAH /CC?
*Address the management aspects, not the clinical ones.
**USE THIS ARTICLE for reference, You can choose and explain one of the organizational forms detailed in the following article: Cuellara, A. E. & Gertlerb, P.J. (2006). Strategic integration of hospitals and physicians. Journal of Health Economics. Volume 25, Issue 1, January 2006, Pages 1-28.
*Define the mission statement for the GAH and Community Clinic.
*Prepare a simple organizational diagram, depicting the organizational structure (blocks) of the existing Mission Hospital (MVH), Children’s Hospital (CHOC), and the proposed Golden Age Hospital (GAH), and the community clinic (CC)
*What is the recommended hospital size (number of beds)?
*What major services/treatments will be offered based on your survey results at the GAH and the CC? At least six detailed services/treatments are required.
*Physician–Hospital integration:
*Conclusions and Recommendations.
Must use  3 Peer-Reviewed Journals

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