Blog Post Project – Pre-clearance

Hi there, thank you for writing this paper for me. Please read the instructions below carefully. (I have attached the RUBRIC and THE LAW ARTICLE LINK that you could refer to while reading) Please read all information before starting to write. Thank you so much.

FEATURED LAW: CALIFORNIA HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE Chapter 3 (Management & Personnel) Page 26-38

PDF Link:

In this part of the project, you will produce a document of no more than 300 words that:

identifies the specific law you plan to investigate and confirms it is of the proper scope (not too broad or narrow) for the blog post;

explains how you expect to find evidence for how the law works in action;

describes very briefly the evidence for how the law works (or fails to, or has been prevented from taking effect, etc.);

lists 4 quality references (e.g. refereed or law review articles, reliable journalism).

There must be evidence of how the law or rule has actually worked in practice to enable you to write both papers. (A good rule of thumb is that the law has already been in effect for at least two years.)

At the end. you will list at least four references that will allow you to satisfy the requirements of the law on the books section and to write the law in action section.

Be sure that you have narrowed the provision down enough!

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