Social Justice Paper

NURP450: Social Justice Paper


In this assignment, you will discuss a social justice movement that has public health implications. An analysis of the social justice trend will be supported by a selected social justice theory. You will discuss how the social justice movement will impact public health or the health care system. An evaluation of the legislative or policy response to the social justice movement will be provided. A discussion of the implication of these policies and legislative solutions will be guided by the World Health Organization (WHO) Health in All Policies initiative. The paper should be concluded by summarizing priority points related to the assignment. Information in the paper should be supported by evidence-based references with consideration of nursing resources.


Your paper must include:

  • An introduction and social justice trend
  • Analysis of social justice trend using social justice theory
  • Discussion on implications for public health or the healthcare system
  • Evaluation of existing or proposed policy and/or legislation that will impact the social justice trend based on selected social justice theory and the World Health Organization (WHO) Health in All Policies initiative
  • Well written conclusion summarizing the priority points
  • Support with the use of at least three evidence-based references from within the past 5 years, unless seminal work (consider nursing resources)


  • Correct APA format, spelling and grammar
  • Page limit of 3-5 pages, excluding title page and reference page
  • Formatting as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf

Refer to the Social Justice Paper assignment rubric for more information.

Please refer to your course syllabus for additional details about this assignment.

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