Independent woman ensnared in a brutal political battle

Media is perhaps a mother, an independent woman, a ruler and most of all a lover to Jason who is the Husband. She does not bow or lie low to anyone, and this is perhaps demonstrated in her actions throughout the tale. Christa Wolf portrays Media with the role of a famine woman with love and also as angry, vengeful sorcerer. Through the book, we can see her jump from one position to another, as in one minute she cares for her children and sharing the passion with Jason while the next minute, she curses Jason’s actions to the king. Despite all that, Medea cares about the children even though the severe abuses coming from Jason, the husband. Moreover, another aspect of care is noticed when she assists Jason through her sorcery to kill the dragon and the army for him to take the throne of the Golden Fleece (1251).

Moreover, Medea becomes a victim of betrayal in most occasions in the Novel. After assisting the husband to take the throne, Jason marries another wife and abandons her without any care (1359). This can be traced throughout the end of the story when she decides to revenge from the betrayal by killing Jason’s wife and the children. The society integrates this incident wrongly and brands her a name as a witch who sacrificed her children for power (1251). Moreover, when they leave their corrupt homeland and settle at Corinth, she went ahead to discover the secret behind the King’s quest for power. She decides to reveal the mystery of the horrifying truths to the society which then creates enmity between her and the king together with the ruthless advisors. Through telling the truth, she faces a complete public denial and the husband also abandons her. The people did not take their time to consider the fact behind her message but instead brands her as the witch.


The role of Medea in the story to represent the women in the current state is revealed. In the Novel, during a hot political season, she manages to stand as one person, despite the constant betrayal from the public and even the family. Christa Wolf displays the various roles that are left to women in the society and perhaps what they go through. Medea becomes the torchlight of the community by revealing what is hidden behind the king’s authority together with what is happening in the entire leadership at Corinth. 

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