The Achievement of Desire by Rodriguez

In Rodriguez’s essay, the achievement of desire is a story that talks about self-identity and culture illustration the characteristic of automation. Despite his classification as a ‘’scholarship boy’’, he lacked confidence and his own sound mind state which led him to be dominated by the books and teachers. Moreover, having stayed with the parents who maintained their tradition about their Hispanic culture, his ambition was to learn and to become like his teacher made him separate from his roots. At his tender age, Richard understands that learning in other words education demand space and a quiet moment which he did not have while leaving in his native home. The paper will investigate Rodriguez’s thought about education based on the chapter one and two of his essay.

Rodriguez shows signs of flexing and yielding to the ways of the banking system which is the topic of studies. In the essay, ‘’ I became the prized students’’ he states ‘’ eager and ready to learn’’…an imitative and unoriginal’’. According to this declarations, he was simply absorbing the narrated ideas and information from the books he was reading and the explanation from the teachers. However, Freire would claim that the “words are emptied of their concreteness and become a hollow, alienated, and alienating verbosity”. Therefore, instead of understanding the concepts and the information that he was reading or being taught, he chose to retain the information. Based on this information, it is good to understand the concept that is being taught rather than retaining the information without putting practical ideas and transformation. In the essay, the concept that is underlying is the fact that education is not just about imitation but it is about using the information from the teachers and books and understands the concept.

Despite the desire to perform one task in life, it more important to live a balanced life. The boy in the story spent all his free time studying and reading through the books for the course. Additionally, due to this desire to learn, he develops bitterness with the rest of their families for being uneducated and ignorant. He became so passionate to know everything and spend more of his time reading and memorizing the concepts. He declares ‘’Most books, of course, I barely understood”. This gives the readers the ability to understand that education is about the student understanding what he or she reads. Moreover, it also important to embrace everyone while studying especially the parents. The separation from the parents and other people because of ignorant makes education to be a separating factor in life. Richard uses his personal life story to educate the readers on how to manage and live a balanced life.


Rodriguez allowed his teachers and books to dictate his life and tell him what to think and do. The boy became submissive to the ideas that he gets from the books and teacher guided by the desire to be like his teacher. In order to achieve that, he thought that memorizing all the information from the book and doing whatever the teacher said without thinking otherwise would make him a better student. In the essay, Rodriguez realizes the past life he left behind and how he separated from parents because of their ignorant. In the essay, the readers are able to understand what education and desire should be handled.

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