Paper 1; Journalism

The WNYC is a radio broadcasting stations that are located in the New York cities. It is a trademark that is shared by the non-profit, commercial and public radio stations situated in the New York City.

The state of the news media

Pew research center provides information on the data and trends on the important sectors in the United States news media industry. The information covers the shifting ways in which America seeks out news and information, how the news organizations get their funds, and the resources that are present to the American journalist as they tend to inform the public about the events. The press is sometimes known as the fourth branch of the government whose ability to serve the people depends on the ability to attract the various eyeballs and dollars.

Over the years, the research’s approaches to the indicators have changed alongside the industry making considering the sectors, and the format systems. Therefore, a series of facts sheets have been provided showing the most important current and historical data points for each of the sectors which will be rolled out in the coming months. in the year 2017, the media presented a facts sheets dictate the report on the angles of analysis on the news media industry. The state of the news reports on from the year 2004 to 2016, indicating the relevant information about the news.

The best piece of radio you will hear in your life

In the year 2013, the news item virality changed from art to science. The business models are constructed by sharing stories that are irresistible for inspiration or shock. However, in most cases truth becomes optional. For example, Bob speaks to a blogger and journalist Luke who took on the new internet information economy on the year we broke the internet.

The mystery of the social media becomes imperative since just this year someone left the DNA  of the viral story and the world heart that is full of wonder, hope and sometimes a little bit of feat. However, earlier this month the news whip posted some statistics about the most shared sites online. Therefore, among the graphs revealing the information was about Facebook tabulated shares per article by the domain.

The conflation with the newness within the new, share worthiness with importance has created some problems with the media skepticism about the immune system. This did not just happen out of nowhere, but it was midwifed by the willful blurring of the news lines between the facts and fictions on the part of the significant news and the wreckage of the traditional media. This is why most of the companies are so eager to shuffle the traditional advertisement.

However, the WNYC constant investigations into the role of the media in shaping the world’s view provide the best piece on what is significant to be heard. Therefore, because of this Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield provides the tools and techniques to succeed in the media storm.

An optimistic look at the newspaper business

David chavern is the president and the CEO of the Newspaper Association of America which is described as a trade group for the industry under siege. However, even with the declining circulations, lowed advertisement revenues and the continuation of the newsroom cuts. Chavern states that there is a bright side of the newspaper business which is characterized by the fact that people still needs the papers. This is a discussion between the CEO and Bob during the latter weeks on the job.

Breaking news

During this session, Simon Adler describes a technological rabbit hole of a strangely contorted with faces and words that are made out of thin air. This represents the various information technologies through science and internet. The automated face reenactment can create a facial shift and modify a voice to appear like the real person we know and understand. This technology is sometimes misused to generate propaganda through the internet creating chaos and miss trust. 

The propaganda video can be formed due to this kind of technology. This becomes a threat to the United States information system and government since it is vulnerable to fake information that can be aired to the public with actual appearance and voice coding. Therefore, the society needs to take care and understand the places to acquire the right and correct information.

Personally, I understand News as information about something that is new, current and also some facts that you did not know about them before. There are various platforms to acquire the new or information for updates and relevant information. These are the newspaper, Radio programs, Televisions news, social media platforms and others. However, based on the issue of trust and other legality attached, I usually get news through the Television News programs that are aired publicly. Moreover, I read newspaper sometimes when I get to the library to get some information that was not covered by the Television News. This has assisted me to get correct information about the happenings in the United States and also globally.

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