American University experience

All first-year students will participate in the American University Experience(AUx), a course specially designed for students transitioning into their first year of college at AU. AUx classes meet once per week as small, interactive and inclusive communities. The course provides a place for students to build academic skills for college success; learn about issues of privilege and bias; and explore their own personal identities. The course also models ways of communicating and living in a diverse society, particularly in reference to addressing divergent opinions on challenging topics. How do you personally define an inclusive environment? What do you believe contributes to a diverse and accepting community?Inclusive environment

An inclusive environment is a state in which members feel respected and connected with one another. Inclusion is the main issue in the inclusion environment. Therefore, in the context of learning, I will say that if a student does not feel included within the environment, then their learning and education will be greatly affected by this. This means that every student ought to feel included and involved despite the various learning capabilities or levels. For example, the students who are poor or have natural inability to do something like walking or anything should be able to feel included in the learning environment.

Moreover, I think that inclusion moves beyond just making someone feel included or involved to involve numerous things such as behavior, attendance, staff development, medical and emotional as well as child’s protection. I have earlier read a case of inclusion where a child with global learning delay was admitted to a school. The teachers tried to include him but he was working with the other children. However, when he was included, the other pupils in the class responded well to him and they all enjoyed his company. This is an important aspect that all institutions should embrace. For example, the American university experience tends to ensure that all the first years in the college interact with other students to make sure that they feel at home and included in the institution.

Diverse and accepting community

Being part of a community is very significant to every human being global. Therefore, a diverse and accepting community will make a home for diverse people. I believe that schools, neighbors, family or religion contribute to a diverse and accepting community. This is because as people find themselves in such gathering, they are forced to interact and this promote acceptance. As a community or society, people always come together to fellowship and support something they value and perhaps share in common. Moreover, the increase in the number of online services that diversity in the entire environment contributed to the development of a diverse and accepting community. Through this, many people gained knowledge on the value of diversity and inclusion.  The students learn from one another despite the social, cultural or religious background. Moreover, the various policies supporting diversity and inclusion, for example, the American university experience for the first years. Every first year students must go through the system.

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