A Reflection for A visit to Arizona international Buddhist meditation center

I had an opportunity to visit the Arizona international Buddhist meditation center which is one of the most significant temples for meditation globally. I started attending the sessions in the temple after a friend recommended I come with him and I agreed to go. We were set for the Wednesday night meditation center though it was complicated to locate due to its position in a residential house surrounded by packing both around and in front of the temple. When we first entered the temple, we were greeted by a man whom I had the previous met but were instantly amazed by the amount of color within the temple and how beautiful it was. I immediately noticed how unique and unusual it was in appearance as compared to any religious sessions I had ever attended. Thus, from the beginning, I was intrigued and was just observing the Buddhist routines and rituals.

After the greetings, we were provided with cushion seats at conforming and we sat towards the back of the temple. I noticed that there were significant Buddhist pictures of Buddha and his disciples around the people. The people participating in the meditation center laid a mat on the flow and begun kneeling around the material they had brought in with them for the sessions. The monks started speaking a blessing in what is termed as the Pali. Shane one of the service leaders rung the bell to indicate a Trans version to the next sessions after the blessings. After the bells, Shane would talk to the people for about 5 to 10 minutes for preparation to the meditation sessions. Afterwards, silence would take over and everyone would try not to think of anything else and would be required to focus.

During the mediation session, I noticed an unusual chill around the temple that I had never experienced before in my life. I thought that most institution library should embrace that kind of silence and meditation will make success to the students. Everyone in the temple focused and meditated. After the meditation session which took some time comes to an end, Shane would go in now for some discussions. This would allow for questions and for the residential monks to read out the prayer for everyone who had attended the meditation session. Fortunately, no one had a question to discuss, and Shane shared the experience and encouraged us to be attending the meditation session in the temple. Shane said it is one of the most important religious practices among the Buddhist religion and it’s so powerful.  After the prayers from the monks, the session would end.

I enjoy being in the meditation session at the temple. I have been attending the Wednesday nights meditation sessions for some months now, and I enjoy the sessions that are led by Shane Wilson. I am currently in a 3-8 weeks course based on the book known as Bhante Gunaratana about the eight mindful steps to happiness. Moreover, the place’s setting is clean and straightforward. Though, sometimes it is crowded due to the many people who have realized the benefit of coming for the meditation. However, based on this they are planning to expand the temple to accommodate more people and even create a Sunday meditation service for people. It is also nice to be among a crowd that is attended by different cultures and not fixed to one cultural group. I am always at home whenever I attend the session, and I have liked the way they carry out their activities in order and accordance to the plan.

Moreover, nobody will ask for any donation or money in the temple. Therefore, this can accommodate all people without financial selections. Everyone is free to come to the meditation session whether you have the money or not. However, it is in accordance to the Buddhist tradition for someone to give a free will donation known as the Dana. The donation is supposed to be provided on a free will basis, and no one will force the attendants. Moreover, one thing to consider is time since it is not suitable for someone to interrupt the meditation session. Therefore, it is recommended that people should come early and settle so that there is no disruption. Thus, this was able to make people obey the aspect of time as I noticed that people would come and settle early and no one will enter the room after it has begun.

I found that the religious meditation that they performed to be calm, soothing and rejuvenating. I enjoyed the sessions especially the ones that were being led by Shana since he would try to involve everyone. Moreover, I also am around people from all works of life and Share the meditation session. I also managed to make some friends and meet people such as the celebrities. All in all, I can say that this was a positive experience for me. I enjoyed being part of the mediation team.

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