A very old man with enormous wings Analysis by Paul West and Carole Mason

In “a very old man with enormous wings’’ the author weaves a natural world with the supernatural in a manner that is unexpected. The story leaves with a question and a state on what will happen in case one day someone opens the door and meet up with the supernatural being. The two analysts known as Paul west and Carole Maso come together to analyze the article. Paul west says that the story is a good one and reflects the society through imaginations. The author manages to use the element of fantasy and magical realism to meet up to the task. For example ‘”Gabriel Garcia paint the picture of an old person with wings that could be deliberated as an angelic in the tale.’’ On the other hand, Carole Maso gave an insight that the book begins with an interesting setting of the supernatural being in the story “A very old man’’ who supersedes the normal human beings with the wings.  The paper provides an analysis based on likes and dislikes of the tale a very old man with enormous wings Paul west and Carole Maso.

The author uses a creative tone and unique style to pass the message through a story that conveys every day’s life. Paul west; Maso, I think that based on the issue of tone and stylist choice, the story captures the reader’s attention and guides them towards the maim message of the story. The story invites us ‘the readers’ and the society to look closely at the events happening in life and determine how we respond to the Mandan we face in life. The story captures the reader’s attention by a fantasy based on the very old man appearing to have wings. Therefore, based on this, I think the author wanted the readers to understand the presence of the supernatural people amongst us in the society. Sometimes the society needs imaginations to understand some aspects of life that we live in the society. For example, in the first few sentences, Gabriel Garcia’s writing styles immediately captures the reader’s attention as he writes “The world had been sad since Tuesday.” At the beginning of the first paragraph, he brings magical elements by introducing the supreme character of an old man with big and enormous wings.

Carole Maso; Paul, I join hands with you in the creative nature of the author in the application of the tone and stylistic devices.  According to the play “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings The fictional tale entitled A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings is an intriguing story which is expressed very well in the title.’’ The story is about just that, an old man with wings. Moreover, in some parts of the story, the author’s changes from tone to the other, in the beginning, to convey a sense of regret on entire humanity by its failure to appreciate the magic that is presented in the society today. Moreover, in the story, a family of Pelayo decides to exploit the old angel by having the onlookers pay for to see him. Therefore, I think based on this case; another message to learn about the society comes into play. The author wants us to learn that the sense of greed and selfishness is apparent in the society.

Moreover, in the same case, we are given a chance to imagine what we can do when faced with the same situations in our normal life. In real life, there will be no angel to come at the doorstep, but this presents a question on what we do with every opportunity we get in life. It is quite impressive how the Gabriel introduces the themes and lessons to the readers that are hidden but vivid upon understanding. However, based on your previous explanation (Paul) on the role of the magical character of the old man, I believe that it’s more than what is described in the lines. The creatures can be every opportunity that comes to the lives of people without expectations.

Paul; Carole, in the authors use of the magical realism, he weaves the natural aspect of the human beings with the supernatural elements, establishing a scene that makes me want to read the story again and again. For instance, the angel is too much Man that Gonzaga identifies he is “much too human.’’ In the story, the author comes up with another aspect of patients through the treatment of the angel. The author displays the behavior of the angel to move our thoughts on the angel we have read and storied about through stories. The angel is being locked in the kitchen, pocked and pushed around does nothing to fight back.

According to the play, he waits as if the situation was just for a moment. I like the way the writer relays the message to the readers. The authors want the society to understand that it is possible to practice patience and endurance when things are tough and seems to go against our nature. This notion and experience of the writer capture my mind Carole Maso. Maso; I think at the end of the play, the angel’s patience is rewarded and his new feathers begin to grow. In this situation, the author again changes the tone and setting to match the actions. The author says ‘’ the long and weary is over. The new life is beginning all over again.’’

However, despite the author’s success in an illustration to demonstrate the significant themes through magical experience, he uses a lot of fantasy. Paul, I think some readers might not understand the aspect of supernatural beings and don’t believe in such. For example, a reader may just wonder how a winged man would just fall from the sky with no meaning and purpose. Gabriel does not provide an explanation for such for the readers to understand. I think there is too much use of misery and sometimes would demystify the meaning of the play.


The play ‘’ A very old man with enormous wings’’ by Gabriel Garcia is one of the famous plays. The play uses and expresses the state of a magical world to put the readers into a state of imagination. Paul and Carole provide an extensive analysis of the play through the use of various tones and settings. The magical realism is evident in the storyline through the author displaying an existence of a man having wings to be present in the society. Moreover, the author provides moral lessons such as patience and endurance in the society.

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