Why should I pass this class?

I understand that the significant factor to pass a class is to learn the materials covered in the all the units and also be able to translate the learning to paperwork during tests. Therefore, for this class I have done all the necessary readings for the units and also have actively participated in class discussions. Thus, through this, I have learned the materials that are necessary to pass the exam. This is evident in the completion of the assignments I have done so far in class and delivered them on time. Moreover, achieving the freedom to write more about any topic of my choice have significantly piqued my interest in the English language. The interests have improved considerably my desire and ability to pass the class.

Moreover, through creative writings I have done during the semester, I have gained skills and interest in understanding the units more and more. We have learned more on the grammatical rules in writing and conversation. Therefore, through this, I have gained the ability to internalize a text that is correct basing on the standards of grammar and writing skills. My great interests achieved through the class have made me assist other classmates in improving their learning capabilities. However, at the beginning of the semester, I had a wrong impression that the class is challenging but currently through the class activities it has been otherwise.

Consequently, I feel that my contribution towards the class despite the workload that existed during the semester period should be a guarantee for passing the course. My fellow students have read my writings and have appreciated them with some recommending a high level of grammar disposition. Moreover, I have scored well in the assignments on the English language skills to determine our level of commitment to the learning activity. Therefore, I think I can pass the class.


The writing class has been one of my favorite since it is mainly based on the practical aspects. Through the class, I have learned various skills such as generating thesis statements, creating a flow and a connection within the writing materials like introduction, body and conclusion. Moreover, I have learned on how to maintain the main message to the readers and also making the texts interesting. I have also assisted some classmates during discussion, reviews and other group learning understands about writing. Therefore, I believe with the skills I have shown in class and the knowledge I have gained is able to credit for my pass in the class.

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