Differences between the Writing Styles of Homer, Virgil, and, Ovid

Homer employs the use of complex and archaic words in his work. His poetic language is comprised of literally long and short syllables. Additionally, the syllables are rhythmically regular which breaks the monotonous of reading. The rhythmical nature of Homer is his major strength as a poet. His poetry is comprised of lines, which regardless of their length, vary in the beginning and the end, but ends in a similar way. It is basically how the author achieves musicality in his work. Again, homer employs the use of stylistic devices such as alliteration to further achieve rhythm. For instance, in the poet Alexander Pope, in the lines” The Smiles of Harlots, and the Tears of Heirs, The Fate of Louis and the Fall of Rome, Proclaim their Motions, and provoke the War, Maintain thy Honors, and enlarge thy Fame. In the example, the /F/sound in the words Fate and fall alliterate. Also, the /m/ sound in the words Rome and Fame create end rhyme. Additionally, the author chooses to use the word harlot, an archaic word instead of the word prostitute.  

Virgil, however, writes by use of a dactylic hexameter. The writer integrates various stylistic devices such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, and, assonance. The poet carefully selects his word to achieve imagery. For instance, imagery is created through the vivid description in the poem, The Song of Silenus, … such a description creates an image in the mind of the reader. Most of his writing comprises of archaic words such as the pronouns you, you, and so on. For instance…. “in the poem, The Princess. His choice of language resembles that of Shakespeare. Unlike Homer, the use of the archaic language and the immense imagery in Virgil’s work are his major strength. On the other hand, Ovid incorporates both archaic and casual language in his poems.  The use of archaic language is evident in, …, “in the poem, all things Change.

His works are easy to understand and employ a lot of imagery. For instance, he gives vivid descriptions in the poem, The One-Eyed Giant Polyphemus Proposes To The Sea-Nymph Galatea, … (Michael, n.d).” Nonetheless, unlike homer, Ovid does not prioritize rhythm. His works are devoid of musicality but they are easy to comprehend and comprise of extensive imagery. I think Virgil is the best writer since he achieves rhythm by use of various stylistic devices in his poems, uses simple language which readers can understand, and, employs the use of vivid descriptions to bring out imagery.

  1. Most versatile in many moods and subjects

Ovid is the most versatile of many moods and subjects.In the poem Gone, there is a shift in the tone of the poem in the eighth line, ….” The poem first begins with a melancholic and bitter mood, nonetheless, in the eight lines, the mood shifts to an enthusiastic and hopeful one. Furthermore, the subject shifts from betrayal to triumph, when the narrator says” Even Kings have fallen on their swords” the statement concludes that even after a fall, one can still rise more victorious than ever before.

  • Best storyteller

I think Ovid is the best storyteller since he employs vivid descriptions to create imagery in the reader’s mind. Again, he uses simple words which are easy to understand.  For instance …e,” such descriptions create images in the reader’s mind.

  • The funniest

I feel strongly that Virgil is the funniest writer. For instance, the line, …., “is hilarious and makes the reader laugh.

  • Subtlety of Language

I intensely feel that Homer is the most subtle in his language selection. He selects his words in such a way that they are elegant, despite the fact that they represent something which is not. For instance, in the line in the lines” The Smiles of Harlots, and the Tears of Heirs, The Fate of Louis and the Fall of Rome,” Ovid chooses to use the word harlot, which is elegant, as opposed to the term prostitute.

  • Complex and engaging complex characters

Homer has the ability to select interesting characters such as Icarius’ daughter Penelope and Zeus.

  • Sublimity

Virgil is the most inspired writer. In his poem, The Aeneid, he takes readers through the Trojan fleet and the voyages which seek a new home, as a result of the resentment Juno the goddess holds against the Trojan society. It is an epic poem which is very interesting since it was written by a highly inspired man.

  • Down to earth

Virgil is the most humble writer of the three; he uses descriptions of humble background in his text. For instance,” …..

  • The magnificence of style and subject

Homer is an impeccable writer who achieves a rhythm in his poem and uses narration to communicate the themes in his poems and the characters in his text. For instance, he introduces the royal people of Rome and their superiority as opposed to the common folk. Icarius daughter is escorted by two of her handmaidens wherever she goes. It creates an image of royal families and the disparities in class between different people.”

  • Most memorable writing

The most memorable poem is Gone by Lindsay. It is a poem narrated by a heartbroken man who has just been left by the lover.

  1. Best Moral teaching

Gone by Lindsay creates the moral lesson that great falls have corresponding victorious rising.


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