A vocational trip to the countryside

We were in the middle of some road to the countryside with no one or vehicle coming in front or back. Therefore, it was sad that we slept on the cold in the middle of some road. Thus, sadness has its cause and depends on a situation. For example, a student who has failed in the exam may be a sad moment for both the parents and the student. Moreover, an accident which has occurred is considered as a sad event for the public.

A Job scenario

It was early in the morning when I had an emergency call from a family in the countryside that I needed to go home as soon as possible. However, before the call, I had a plan to go for a vacation to visit my family since my dad was very ill. Sadness took over me as I wondered what had happened to my father despite our conversion some days back where he told me that he will wait for me to come home. Sadness is something that overwhelms the aspect of joy or happiness. First, the emergency call from a family made me think that the unaccepted has happened something I did not understand. The message broke my heart so much that I wanted to rush home quickly to see my father.

After the call, I went to the administrative office to ask for permission to travel home. However, on my way to the administrative office, I met my boss who told me that I should prepare for a presentation that was going to take place in the next 6 hours and again for a trip to represent my company the following day. The situation mixed up everything and I did not utter any word and I went to the washroom direct. Consequently, I went to my boss to explain that I had received a call from home that I should go home and I think something wrong had happened to my father. The boss said that I should call one of my relatives to ascertain the situation and not to deal with assumptions.  Therefore, my boss not understanding me increased sadness even more at that moment. Moreover, I thought of quitting the job but I wondered how I will survive in the long run by paying my bills and other services. Thus, it is important to understand that family issues easily make someone sad or happy. For example, many people believe that sadness is expressed through facial expression such as crying. I remembered one colleague who came to ask for permission while crying and she was given without hesitation.

The untold story

There are various situations in life that would make someone happy or sad depending on its weight. In most cases when something bad happens sadness is the next thing that comes automatically. Consider a case of a friend of mine who was on a business trip to represent his company. We just meet at the airport and fortunately, it happened that we were going to have adjacent seats on the plane. Therefore, as we were making stories about life and politics, in general, he heard a tone on his phone which represented a message though he hesitated to check telling me that it’s nothing important. Therefore, we continued with stories laughing and chanting about every situation that we went through while still in grade 8 back then.

However, the mood changed when he shared about the demise of his mother immediately he joined the university. It was even sad that he never had the chance to attend the burial since exams were around the corner. We shared the painful ordeals of reflections in the plane but it was cut with the announcement that it is about ten minutes for the plane to land. We arrived safely and we departed for our various areas of assignment. However, my friend met the unexpected as he entered the company. He was told that the company had canceled the trip and that someone was to be sent the following day to represent the company in the meetings. My friend was confused as he thought about everything. He wondered why the company would not brief him for that unexpected shift of events and allowing him to walk through the embarrassment. That is when he remembered the text he received. He opened the text and a moment of sadness clouded his world. He has lost his job again.

Sad moments are times of pain that a person goes through in life. However, its weight and cause differ from each other. For example, sometimes an individual would be a causative agent for the moment of sadness. A case of a student fighting in school attracting expulsion after that might. The student would be sad based on the fact that he or she will miss school due to the act. It would be a different case since the individual would view the situation as a moment of failure. Therefore, sometimes sad moments are induced by other people while others are caused by the same individual.

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