To Reflect On and Evaluate My Writing Process

Subject: To Reflect On and Evaluate My Writing Process

I personally believe that it is significant for a student who would like to do achieve the best in their class to create a moment for evaluating their performance to show the rate at which their writing is going on and on the ways they can continue to improve their writing skills. Therefore, when I check the unit that we have completed, I asked myself questions such as ‘what have learned? What I still needed to learn on the aspect of writing?’ in order to improve and enhance my writing process. Therefore, responding to the questions will assist me with the step of the self-evaluation, and also develop a layout to understand the new skills and techniques.

Therefore, during my learning period, I have improved my writing technique through a number of processes. I have always tried new techniques in writing, learning on the purpose, acquiring new techniques of fighting writer’s block through my tutors and classmates responses. One of my writings during the unit was on the essays which I wrote later in the class. I was overwhelmed by the technicality of the topic of the essay which was limited to experience based on the diverse writing techniques. However, in most cases, I have attempted using both listing and outlining process to make the essay writing easy. In reality, I have never used the technique before which benefited. I believe that I had a more success with the listings techniques which I used to classify and divide the essay. I believe that assisted me to stay on topic and maintain my writing plan. Moreover, I used an outline process to assist me in writing work in relation to compare and contrast which was equally helpful to the organization of the process. However, I learned that the process was more complicated than the lifting techniques.

In my writing course, I had challenges with a writer’s block system quite often. I have learned the techniques to have some breaks while writing to assist alleviate the symbols of writer’s block. Moreover, I learned to take a paper for writing down the ideas while fresh in my mind. Writing down my thoughts has assisted me to shun the writer’s block since I have a number of thoughts on the subjects before I start writing. I realized that have minimal challenges on writing, it improves my writing by reducing my stress which can be noticed through my writing material. I was significantly affected by writer’s block while tending to write both argumentative piece of work and description which caused me much stress and also leads to a more challenging concept. According to research, stress has the ability to affect a cognitive reason which originates due to an individual assimilating to fail. However, the writing plan reduced the stress level and my writing improved substantially.

Though my writing techniques and skills have made some good progress during the learning process, I still have some important things that I really need to teach to assist me to keep improving my writing skills. I need to learn more about grammar to improve my writing quality ability. Moreover, I also require an active voice, and building the rewrite skills to continue improves the writing process. Thus, in my final analysis, my writing skills have greatly improved significantly and having checked on the areas which I need to work on has created an awareness of the areas of my weaknesses. Examination of what I have learned and what I require allows me to generate the strategies in the fortification of my writing skills. A self-evaluation is a tool for any individual who may want to continue to learn and improve by making progress.

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