The backpack as my favorite object

My Backpack

The value of an object is attached to the owner’s interests and also its price. The backpack is a kind of a bag that is used to Carry objects mostly school items such as books. It is vivid that the most of the backpack that student uses to carry books and other materials around the school. However, most of the students use the object only during the school and abandon them during the holidays. My case was very different based on the kind and value that is attached to the backpack. I remember my birthday when I was fresh in school my parents got me a nice backpack. However, I never thought that the backpack would mean anything to me since I had several others then later got torn and became useless.  The backpack good and I recalled I went for a window shopping just to check its price and it was full of the price. It purposes was more than just a nice bag to hold the heavy books and binders for the rest of education careers. Therefore, the object I value is my Backpack.

The day I received my backpack as a gift from my parents I remember how new and sparkling it was and looked. It was made from a unique material and very rare in the country of my residence. The material was about the price tag that it held. I wasn’t sure whether the price was real or not so I had to conform around the shopping malls in the city. There was something beyond what I saw about the backpack that I had in my possession. I don’t know why it was so different from others which I had in my possession before and then I thought it was due to the happiest moment of my life. Moreover, its unique structure reflects the kind of production process which the backpack went through to make it wonderful. It seems that its refinement was not by its outward look but on how it was intertwined. However, I realized later that my aunt who is a designer of backpacks designed it as a surprise gift for me through my parents. There was something distinct about it based on texture, color, and brand.

I always treat the backpack as a companion and a friend who is always around me all the time. During school, it is like a shadow to me based on its availability until it became an identity. I remember my friends identifying me as the one who usually carries a particular backpack on the back. However, the fun about it is that I never got embarrassed about being identified with the bag that I was carrying. People said many things about the backpack and I which was something different and never worried me a moment. I was so much in love with the backpack, and nothing could create a boundary line between us. It was fun walking around carrying my nice backpack with some of my materials inside. It is like a fashion that I embraced in the larger part of my life. However, my worry was on the fact that nothing on this earth can stay forever even the most powerful humankind has to die.

I was afraid at the moment on the fact that my Backpack would become weary and torn someday that I could no longer use and carry it as always. All through my education life, my backpack has provided shelter for my belongings with every moment of a downpour for my walk to lectures and also all the trips that I took to other regions and nations around. It walked with me through the historic streets which I visited as part of school trips or family occasion trips. Therefore, it was one, and none like it ever existed. However, presently my backpack is stretched out so much that it has begun to sag at the base and also along the zippers. Its color is still intense despite the fading that has become on its back and sides having some dirty stains in the entire crevasse. Moreover, it is also missing around three zippers and cannot withstand more time in the rain. Its texture and color are fading, and I thought of bringing it back to its original state. Therefore, I had to take back to my aunt for repairs and return it to its normal state.


The backpack is the object I value most currently in my life. This is based on facts such as its value, price and where it was produced reflecting its originality. The backpack has been around the globe and back with me as a close partner. Moreover, I have a perfect friend and more amazing memories while wearing it on my shoulder. Therefore, it is an amazing feature I have ever had in my entire life.  There was a strong connection that existed between us maybe because I love the process it underwent before its delivery.

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