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Brooklyn Neustaeter (2017/03/25) The Real Difference Between Men And Women When It Comes To Relationships.

The article addresses the concept of new technology in relation to dating which is all about the hook up and superficiality. The existence of online dating applications has allowed people to access and chat with partners making them shuns the real-life interactions. According to Rosenfeld, the increasing role of the apps such as Tinder has proved some aspects of importance by leading to about one of the four straight couples to have met through online dating. Therefore, the diverse measures about online dating have proved more useful compared to the traditional aspects which it has replaced. The technology has made hook up culture very easy especially to the individuals who fear one on one meeting. There have been a lot of safety issues that allow people to avoid the aspect of following each other around and thus making it easy. Moreover, online dating has improved the connectivity of diverse people who in most cases hook up and make up plans to start life. It is even easier to block people who disturb and move on with life as compared to the traditional ways which could be very difficult. However, it is imperative that online dating has led to the shift in a marital age in the United States of America. The marital age has shifted from the 20s to around 30s due to the new technology in dating styles.

AMANDA CHATEL (Feb 25 2015) The 11 Best Ways To Meet Someone In Real Life, Because Online Dating Really Isn’t The Only Option

The article by Amanda Chatel provides the best ways to meet someone in real life because online dating is not the only option. Some decades back, people were interacting in real life before the evolution of the online dating. Based on the analysis, it is vivid that the process really worked for them at that time. However, there are various ways to promote and enhance real-life interaction. First, never to skip work happy hours when invited by harmless colleague since it will promote a social cohesion. Secondly, it is important to check on the events your friends are attending through the Facebook to allow for a plan in attending the most appealing one among the events. Thirdly, it is imperative to be attending the friends birthdays parties to attract more friends and have fun which is an important element of life. Fourth, taking a public transportation to work since it is easier meeting new people compared to the private ones.

Consequently, the Fifth, it is important to volunteer your time for meeting people in the public places. Sixth, never to close your interaction with strangers since it will limit real life interactions. The seventh way is to get a dog since it will make it easy for someone to start talking about it and thus leading to a real-life conversation.  The eighth way is to consider taking the class since a class is a point of meeting new friends and interacting easily. The ninth aspect is to agree to be set up by other people in the society. Tenth, it is important to become a regular somewhere which will give the confidence to talk to people. Eleventh is to do more things alone.

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