Section one

Michael Dyson’s views

Moreover, he disputes and believes that all that Horne’s is saying is not true and the cause is essential for high school students. According to the debate, he believes that Ethical studies is more about teaching the students about moral standards and not having evil and immoral thoughts in the society.

Based on the two discussions from the video, I believe Michael Dyson more than Tom Horne’s. This is because it is true that ethical studies are all about teaching the students about critical thinking. According to definition Ethical studies is the study that involves rules and conducts with respect to a given people, group or perhaps culture. Therefore, it is clear that the study is about discipline compared to what Horne is claiming. I believe that Horne’s perception is just an allegation based on the reaction of the students that can be related to other aspects other clinging to the issue of Ethical studies.

 Paolo Freire’s book “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” attracted many critics. Therefore, despite the issues of contents, many people claim that the book speaks and advocates more of revolution which is not healthy for high school students because it can influence their thoughts. It is believed that high school students can be easily waved by the move of revolution and this can corrupt their minds and make some decisions which can affect the society in the long run.

Section two

Question 1

The date on the article is 23rd August 2017 which is at the top.

Question 2

The federal Judge overturned an Arizona ban on the ethical studies courses that was aimed at Hispanic students claiming that it was motivated by racial discrimination hence violating the pupils’ constitutional rights.

Question 3

The individual working at Mesa Community College is known as Chavez.

Question 4

The attorneys for both the parents and students brought the lawsuit forward for consideration at the case. He was called Steve Reiss.

Question 5       

Steve Reiss, the attorney for the parents and students, described the ruling as an extraordinary win. This is because it was tough for the Court to go against the authorities and favor the students based on the heavy claims that were pressed against it. Therefore, according to him, the ruling was an indication of an extraordinary win.


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