Drinking Habits by Tom Smith Play critique

I attended the Regina Little Theatre’s production of a play ‘Drinking habits’ on February 15th, 2018. Perhaps this has been one of the various productions I have seen at this community theatre and like my other experiences; I found out that the acting, directing and the production quality to be of professional level. I would recommend the show to any individual who enjoys comic and educative. The play’s plot revolves around two nuns representing the sisters of the Sewing who have been making wine secretly in order to keep the convent’s doors open, but Sally and Paul, reporters and also former fiancés’ are on their trail for the move. They go to the convent un-noticed as a nun and Priest; however, their presence was added with the new nun addition in the whole convent that spies have been sent from Rome to shut them. Thereafter, wine and other substances inevitably spilt as people tries to preserve the convent and connect again with their lost loves.

The stage manager was Tiffanie Longman who was acting as a master of ceremony for an event. Jennifer Lyn Squires a local actor took over the role of Sister Philamena, Christine Byerley took the role of Sister Augustus. Their performance was nothing but impressive because they made it real. Braden and Abbey represented Paul and Sally respectively. For the play to work, the characters had to believably convince the audience that the play was entertaining and at the same time educative with some corresponding songs placed in between the play. The audience was able to relate the songs to the theme presented at that time.

The set for the performance was simple but extremely efficient. Design for the set was a simple bare stage with old boxes, boxes; alter of a church, Drums of wine and some furniture. However, the scenic design consisted of what someone might expect to see in a theatre without anything. The boxes and furniture through some simple theatre magic and also the use of sound and colors effects, the theatre was transformed into some nice church representing everything worth of notice. Basically, when it comes to the actual production of the play there were various differences between the individual performances of the play itself. The original play was done using some aspect of techniques making it real, I understand that would not be possible in this due to the absence of camera tricks and mechanisms. I also noticed something on the set design for the play. The transformation of the characters and themes was being done when it got dark in between the scenes. The audience could struggle to see through the dark out of suspense but no one could see the changes.

The costume design for the play was one of the impressive creations I noticed. The designs of their costumes went further ahead to bit the actual play that was released since it was balanced with the background as the colour matches the colors that were being displayed. However, the sound was probably the biggest setbacks for the play. I noticed some audience who sat at the front trying to hold their ears meaning that the sound was too much. Maybe, it is because the characters were unable to control their voices as we could see the sound engineer touching the sounds creating some fluctuations.

In a Nutshell, this was a very satisfying theatre performance for me to have attended. I look forward to enjoying more of this kind.

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