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The Documentary “Triumph of the Will” By Leni Riefenstahl

Hitler and the Nazi Army are known for the great massacre of the Jews who were staying in Germany at that time in History. Hitler made sure that all German found a reason to hate the Jews through his propaganda which resulted in several deaths and slavery of the Jews. It provides a good outlook of both Hitler and his army which is contrary to what is present in the society. The documentary existed to strengthen Hitler both socially and politically and to wave away all the bad perception people have about them. The documentary film touched mainly on the good and friendly side of the casts, that is Hitler and the Nazi Army rather than focusing on the reality.

The documentary made me learn that film can exist to serve as an introduction to the complex relationship between politics and the society. I have understood that every film has a reflection to what is happening in the society, had happened before or imaginations. The documentary has brought an understanding of the main content of the film that was very difficult to learn from the actual movie. I have learned that the movie is based on propaganda about Hitler and the Nazi army portraying them as good people which are the opposite of what the society understands. The message is live in the documentary as compared to the movie.

The documentary films have been looked at as that which communicates the real situation and not the imagined. It provides something that is closer to the truth because of lack of fictionalized features and the events shown have not been coordinated by the filmmaker. Moreover, it offers information about factual topics with a number of aims, records significant events and notions only, informs the viewers to convey opinions in order to achieve some common conventions used in the film such as actuality.

It is important to learn the topic of the documentary in order to be able to gauge the position of the film. From the beginning, the documentary movies were supposed to reveal some historical events and were used for the purposes of propaganda supporting the national agendas. It encourages the society especially the viewers to think critically about the topic brought up in the movie and have their opinion on any kind of situations. Based on the topic that is brought up in the movie, the effect of the audience can have either positive or negative effects.

After the end of the documentary film, I was able to ask questions like ‘What was the main intention of Leni Riefenstahl in the movie? What does the director of the movie obtain by giving Hitler and his army a good name? I liked the music that was being played in the background of the documentary. The music was able to connect the viewer to the subject matter of the film hence creating attention for further understanding. This is evident while watching the movie to display the reality of the main film.


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