Rhetorical Analysis of Champlain College Website

Especially to Montreal, the learners would have a chance to study French from the program offered together with the immediate culture. The Montreal and Dublin are also known for being significant for studying about the economy, something that a business main would significantly merit from. Moreover, Montreal provides a great chance to learn trade between Canada and the United States of America while Dublin is of global corporations and small beginner organization. Consequently, the logos of this part are composed of explanation the fact that learning in either of the regions will significantly advance a learner’s resume since they are internationally based.

Moreover, on the website, the global partner are outlined and provide a brief description of where in the universe they exist and what the learners would appeal to be based on the major. To begin with, there is the Auckland University of Technology located in New Zealand. It outlines the entire major that would be able to learn in Auckland like a business, management and law major. Consequently, this extends to offer information on Buenos Aires located in Argentina. In most cases, some of the majors who will be seeking to study there are art, liberal studies and also history. The website continues to describe Morocco and China in the same fashion. However, these parts fail to offer any sort of information to push significantly students to be more focused to study in a variety of nations across the globe. Each and every section does not have any information other than where to sign in and what the students would be learning in the institution.

Moreover, on the website, there is the third party programs spread over the rest of the globe. It illustrates that the college requires that every student to have the opportunity to move across the world and also some of the provided places don’t appeal to everyone. It gives the reader a map and also pinpointed spots that are a variety of choices other than the previously given places. Therefore, this ensures that the notion of studying abroad look much more appealing to far more than a student than it did past. The article’s credibility also known as the ethos is strongly evaluated since it is from an organization that deals with learning related topics. The website has an informative tone known as the logos to share relevant information about the college and what a student is required to do in case they are interested in studying within the colleges.

However, all of the aforementioned parts failed to give any visual stimuli like a picture of the different nations that are available to pay a visit. This left the website to look like a fairly bland apart from the color scheme and also the font that the complement each of them adequately. On the other hand, the lack of pictures of the possible nations the students could spend their year in made as it seems much less appealing than it expected. The color scheme used on the website was Champlain’s well-recognized color, green, blue and white together with a black borders line. The color was a smart choice since it enabled the reader to focus on taking in the content instead of being distracted by vibrant colors.


The website expressed the logos, ethos, and pathos very infinitely. The college Champlain enables the students to travel to various regions across the world. Its website provides relevant information on the issue of studying abroad by breaking it down into different sections but fails to go further into details. However, by offering the learners a variety of options for traveling, it is still appealing. Though it offers arguments to study abroad, it lacks a visual appeal to improve the arguments.


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