Nail biting Habit

Nail biting is one of the bad habits that people have in general. In many occasions, I see people biting their nails. Therefore, I would love to declare that I am not one of the people but I would be a liar. At times when am waiting in line at a supermarket for a long time, I always get frustrated and I would bite my nails. Sometimes, I would bite my nails when am expecting some good news. The major reason for the habit of biting my nails is because of nervousness. Therefore, biting of the nails belongs to the nervous habit category since it is always anticipated by some aspects of emotions guiding its occurrence.

Nail biting is the most known of the so-called nervous habits which also comprise Thumb sucking and tugging. Basically, a single word that can be used to describe nail biting is a regular or compulsive habit. It is a common mannerism that an individual when he or she is feeling anxious such as being nervous about a performance on a stage, stressed or sometimes excited about upcoming events. Moreover, it is a learned habit and one thing that stands out is the aspect of comfort, stress, and relief for most people who bite their nails.

Nail biting habit in adults takes place because of boredom or sometimes working on a serious situation which may reflect a given emotional state. Therefore, its role is to assist an individual to relax in order to go through a particular problem. For example, when an individual anticipates an upcoming joy or sadness, he or she can use nail-biting to create a transition. Basically, it takes place when an individual is engaged in some social reactions or when they are reprimanded for a given behavior.

Awareness training involves understanding what is happening in the environment before the behavior or habit takes place. Therefore, this is important in the determination of the time, date and place where I mostly bite my nails. In order to counter nail biting, I will always pocket my hands as an incompatible response for a short time. I will engage people around me to assist reduce the anxiety that makes an individual to bite his or her nails. Moreover, I will embrace and maintain the behavior of using a manicure to make my nails. This will enable an individual to avoid the nail-biting habit to some level.

Based on the case study, I will use a unitary behavioral contract because an individual can actually step up for the task of changing his behavior to avoid the incoming problems. The Unitary behavioral contract involves an individual gaming up for the change process by deciding to take a contract. In the case stated, Dan has to change his behavior in order to maintain and also sustain agreement.

Behavioral Contract

From 5th to 12th June, I Dan agrees to the following; actively participates in the daily cleaning of the car, correct disposal of the waste cans and bottles after eating in the Car, and also control constant eating in the car while driving for a period started. If I accomplish the stated behavior within the one-week framework, I will receive a gift for an active participation and accomplishment of the task provided during the speculated time.

Signed……………………………..Change Agent……………………………Client………

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