Christianity as a Religion

Christianity is one of the greatest religions that began with the birth of its founder Jesus of Nazareth. Since the death of Christ, it has experienced various changes based on the beliefs of the people. Over 2000 years Christianity split into two primary branches that are Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy. The split was as a result of varying ways of exercising their Faith in the Holy Trinity that is God the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Moreover, based on the principles some believed that a priest should not marry while other believed that a priest should marry in order to fulfill the will and mandate of God. This brought a shift in Christianity to the Catholic and Orthodoxy (Stephen). Catholic later split to protestant that is currently going in numbers through their great evangelic activities. The essay provides how the practice of Christianity changed over the past 2000 years.

The Orthodox is a practice that differs from Catholic since they allow the parish priest to marry but they mandate celibacy for the Bishops. More than the other Christians practices, the orthodox promotes religion’s ritual structure, celebrating the holy communion in high style, performing sacred music, typical with incense and also colorful clerical vestments (Stephen). Moreover, of all the known senses, the orthodox always rely extensively on sight by engaging with the mysteries of the divine icons of the saints. The Orthodox type of religion is not widely practiced as compared to the days of its formation and split from original Christianity led by Christ Jesus.

The Catholic as a branch of Christianity has remained the same in relation to what they do, believe and practice. The world has over one billion Catholics and with a continuous growth in the population based on their stand. To be a follower of Catholic means to have a complete faith in God and perhaps its divine grace by obeying and keeping it holy. They practice respect to rituals during their services such as Singing, bowing down, kneeling and also responding to the priest with respect. It is evident that the Catholic is one of the religions that have been stable in terms of their practices and belief. For example, the priests are still not marrying as before. Moreover, their belief of one God, Son, and Holy Spirit has also remained as part of belief throughout the century (Stephen).

Based on the above information, the changes do not outweigh the similarities. The first change is based on the Orthodox allowing the priest to Marry. Secondly, the difference that led to the protestant splitting was in the technique of solving the problem of sin and the solution for salvation. However, they all share the fact that there exist the three persons of God that is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


The evolution of Christianity over the 2000 years was as a result of the changes that took place in the process of practices. The change by allowing a priest to marry in the Orthodox style was part of the process. The interpretation of salvation and the problem of sin based on how to solve them also led to the drift experienced.  The Protestant and Catholics focus on crucifixion as a pardon of sorts while Orthodox focuses on incarnation and resurrection of Christ. Therefore, the changes represent evolution that took place.

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