Political Strategies in Solving Family Issues

Social Issues

Social issues within the society have been on the rise. Family violence has received a lot of attention within the current society based on the dispute that has been reported. These issues are child abuse which is described as the physical, emotional and sexual mistreatment and also crime cases as a result of family leadership. It has been observed that most of the crimes committed by youths have their origin are actually coming from families. Moreover, most of the child abuse occurs in a child’s home but other could be found in schools, communities and also within organizations. This is based on the case studies from Susan, Levy, and Bradley families. Therefore, a political strategy will be used in handling the situations within these three families.

Political strategies

These are the various ways through which parties, candidates, and governments tend to achieve their plans. Thus, in relation to the above family situations and problems, a specific type of strategy is needed. A proactive policing strategy would be a good choice to assist in these families’ situations. It is the practice of solving criminal activities by showing the police presence and involving the public in learning their concerns thus preventing crime from occurring in the first place.

The Levy Family

The family of four namely Levy and Sheri as couples while Myles and Levi as the two only sons. The family is going through a series of drug abuse from both parents and also cases of child neglect from the father. The wife was concerned about the husband’s drinking habit and also lack of involvement in his sons’ lives. Therefore, a proactive policing strategy can be applied in teaching the entire family on the importance of reducing levels of drinking that affect the social status of both the family and community at large. The strategy will be able to educate Levy on the effectiveness of taking care of the family and also taking up the role of a father. Moreover, the strategy will be able to provide Sheri with proper knowledge and understanding of the role of a mother in a family in order for her to avoid drinking and concentrate in taking care of the family.

Bradley Family

This is a family made up of a father, mother, two sisters, and an Uncle. The present situation in this family is that the parents had separated and they are living in different places with their new lovers. Robert the father abuses drugs and has been arrested for possessing Cocaine. Moreover, Shondra and the new boyfriend also use a variety of drugs such as Marijuana and Methamphetamine. Diana the daughter has been facing some abuse from the self-proclaimed husband. Therefore, based on these situations pro-active policing strategies would be effective in providing a solution. Robert should be educated in the presence of the police on the effect of drugs on an individual’s health and also social and family status. He will be able to understand that the drug is the cause of all the family problems they have been going through. Moreover, Shondra will also be educated on the impacts of drugs on the family set-up especially while fostering a family. She will be able to understand that the separation and present unrest within the family is due to drugs. Moreover, Diana will be made to learn from the parent’s experience and their way of life.

Susana’s Family

Susan reached a point where her family house was flooded in the Murphy Street Floods. The son of Susan witnessed the crisis for both his home and also the family pets. This was a traumatic period for both Susana and the rest of the family. Therefore, providing resources to assist the family will be an important strategy for the government. It will also be important for the local government to plan for adequate preparedness for such events. The pro-active policing strategies will also assist in helping the family go through the situation.



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