My personal Ethical journey experience


An ethical journey is a learning curve that each person is embodied at a personal level. Everyone has a past that is meant to be a learning rod to make sure that there is continuity in life. Ethics originates from the point of learning how the society operates then copies the best possible notion. My life experience within the society has enabled me to grasp some aspects of ethics and morality. I knew what it is ethical and unethical and that I was not open-minded about things that are of much importance in the society. Moreover, there are some events and choices which I can relate to ethical egoism and utilitarianism. Ethical egoist is an individual who is concerned with the consequences of his or her actions which affects him or her and not the entire society. On the other hand, utilitarianism is concerned with consequences of actions which affect the whole society (Alwi, Ali & Nguyen, 401). The narrative is about my personal ethical journey in my transformation to an upright person.

In my first year of joining the primary school at the age of six, my parents were responsible for offering significant knowledge through communication and disciplining when an offense is committed. Therefore, in understanding the world the process of recounting knowledge become a learning experience through tests and errors in which various cases of indiscipline was witnessed. During this period, I was able to see my parents use communication as a tool for correcting an individual when he or she makes a mistake. I also witnessed my parents using the negotiation technique in solving disputes that might exist between them as adults and while handling children. Therefore, I was able to understand that it is important to acquire knowledge in life and also develop good communication. Based on this, I developed the culture of communication in solving the possible disagreements in life. For example, any disagreement which I encountered I was able to solve through effective communication.

Consequently, while growing up through adolescent the society would offer various lessons as parents since the parents were rarely into constant watch because I was considered a grownup who understand the aspect of responsibility. In the society, there were various things which could make or unmake a person. The mistakes were common and the desire to influence other people also existed. Moreover, everyone within the society especially the youths wanted to be noticed and stands out among their peers. Due to the pressure of becoming great among the youths and to stand out among them, I thought of having nice things such as expensive designer clothes, shoes, and other important materials. Therefore, these made me seek for money through nefarious ways in order to impress my friends and become someone of value within the society. The notion did not end well as the lesson I learned when I was caught by my parents taking their money without permission after several complaints about the disappearance of money.  

It was so great for someone to begin making his or her money since it was a mark of being independent and responsible. There was a lot to experience and expect as I was growing up in the society among my peers and also some friends who were older than me especially in working to earn some money. Since it was very hard to live in isolation, I had to build new relationships and join with other friends. Therefore, because of the job and close friends I began to detach myself from the parents. I began taking their instructions for granted as it appeared to me that they were bothering me. I become independent making decisions by myself and it was very difficult for me to take correction from anyone.

Consequently, the level of pride grew in me until I made a mistake at work and I couldn’t take responsibility and I was dismissed from my services. It was very hard to be jobless at that time as life became even harder because I was unable to pay my bills where we had rented with some of my friends. It happened that my ego could not allow me to go back to my parents to ask for more help before acquiring another job. However, through the extended challenge of life, I had to face my parents and apologize for my mistakes after learning the hard way. It was a serious lecture and I decided to reform for the best part of my life to live an honest life which is free from scandals. I learned to respect people especially parents and managers.

The college life was not exceptional as I went through situations and dilemmas in life. At school, success is always connected to passing the exams and getting a good grade in order to move to the next level in life. I noticed a lot of dishonesty during the exam period as students use their phones and other material to copy in order to pass their exams. However, it was very hard for me to follow in their footsteps based on the experiences I had gone through in life since I was young in my primary education to the present time. I had learned that unethical actions only brings sadness and guilt in life but this belief almost tarnished as one student whom I had watched copy the exam become top in the class. I started thinking otherwise about the stains of being ethically oriented. However, after some time the student was caught coping and was suspended from school for three months and the exam was canceled. It was the right decision to remain ethically oriented since there was no regret for doing so. 


Integrity is very important in an individual’s life. Moreover, the society is able to conform to the standards it has allowed as ethics. For example, in the business world there exist values such as loyalty, honesty, integrity and also being faithful. I learned that it is important to practice all these values in order to create a good relationship not only between the staff and leaders but also for the customers. It is clear that the aspect of being expelled from my job was an indication that the business had set some ethical standards which must be a guiding principle for the employees. On the other hand, it is the nature of parents and society to affect how children exercise their behavior. I was able to understand the importance of living according to ethics because my parents taught me. Moreover, the society is a school for both ethical and unethical practices.


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