Gun Control in United States of America

Gun control has been a contentious aspect in the past as well as in the present United States presidential elections. A part of the citizenry is in the support of the fact that banning gun ownership is limiting the people’s rights to use guns while the other part is supporting the banning of guns. Moreover, there are various books and films that have been directed to the issue of gun control within the United States. In the film ‘’Bowling for Columbine’’ by Michael Moore, I was able to understand the culture of guns and violence in the United States. By reading the book ‘Loaded’ Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz I was able to notice the misinterpretation of the Second Amendments. The paper will provide a response to the controversial issue of gun control in the US.

 The people oppose gun control further points to the Second Amendment which allows the civilians to own guns for the aim of individual and societal protection. In the book ‘Loaded’ Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz illustrate the notion behind the Second Amendment. According to her, the second amendment was written with the mind of militias. Based on this information, the rights to own guns at that time when the private citizens did not trust the national government. One thing that is outstanding is the aspect of time and miss-understanding of the gun issue. The second amendment was right at that time because of the mistrust that was between the people and national government as well as the threat from the outsiders. Presently, with the protection from the government and the aspect of trust, the second amendment ought to be amended to fit within the society. Therefore, based on the information from the book ‘Loaded’ the government should consider the law to deter the citizens from having guns.

Moreover, in the film ‘Bowling for Columbine’ provides an illustration of the culture of guns and violence in the US to obtain insight like the Columbine incident. Based on the film, Moore is not denoting the United States of America policies on guns altogether but he is petitioning actively for the eviction of handguns (Galloway 330). Basically, he explains that handguns are of no purpose to him as they serve no role in hunting. That said; with no hunting in the picture, the hand-gun only take the role of human hunting. With this information, we are able to learn the aspect of culture which leads to the use of guns in the States. The guns were allowed to be used by hunters as history explains which resulted in an increasing number of guns. This provides the reason for considering gun control because of the shifting reasons for firearm ownership. The film shows the shootings which took place in Columbine leading to the death of some students.


The gun ownership and its use control mechanism are required. It is considered a contentious but appropriate decision. The move is known to not only limit the access to the guns thus saving lives, but it will also decrease the rampant cases of mass shootings and also increase rates of homicides which represents the current society. The application of the second amendment should be interpreted correctly. This idea is also supported by the filmmakers changing the perception of gun ownership from the context of history.

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