Personal Action Plan for Career Development


The success of any operation depends on the achievement of the goals set. There exist various types of goals such as short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. Therefore, in order to perform best in child development program in school, it is important to consider and set various goals. The short-term goals will support the other goals in my study program. There are various steps that I will have to put in place to achieve the set goals. However, it is also important to consider the challenges encountered to achieve the set goals (Beausaert et al. 2013). The paper provides a short, medium and long-term goals, various steps to achieve the goals, the challenges, and strengths to achieve the success.

Short term goals

These are the goals that am preparing to attain in a very short period. I want to improve my grades next semester because of its impact on my career. Moreover, taking notes, attending and attempting all the lesson and assignment is my other short-term goal (Bouman, 2018). First, I will need to achieve the goals through extensive research on child development.  Second, I will concentrate more in both in-class and outdoor classes to acquire the right skills for passing the class. I will also ensure group participation with other students to advance our learning. However, there are challenges such as lack of study materials, teacher/ student relationship and good study environment such as noise. These barriers can be handled by looking for other alternative study resources and look for a better study environment such as the library. I have discovered that I like reading materials that talks about children and I believe this will stir my goal of improving my goal.

Long-term goals

These are goals that am preparing to achieve in the next two to three years. Therefore, I want to open a child development center to offer services to the society. It is imperative that to achieve these goals there exist important steps such mobilize enough capital, get a license, identify a place and look for clients (Beausaert et al. 2013). It is vivid that there exist various barriers encountered in the process of achieving the set goals. These are like lack of finance, challenge getting a license, and also an absence of trust from the clients because of experience level. It is clear that most of the clients would prefer professionals in regards to experience. However, to counter these problems, I will prove to the clients that am up to the task and deliver to the best of my knowledge. I will also seek help from people who have managed the same programs. I have learned that quality of service attracts clients and I always ensure that teachers can feel the quality of my assignments.

Mid-term goals

These are goals that am preparing to achieve before achieving the long-term goal. I want to pass my final exams and also register good moral conduct across the session. Therefore, to achieve these goals I need to maintain a good record of my discipline, have the right materials, seek for assistance from lectures and also prepare adequately before any exams. The major barrier against this goals is a lack of resources such as skilled personnel and materials. The solution to this is to identify the right people to work with and the appropriate resources (Beausaert et al. 2013).


The role of goals to direct an individual towards performance attainment. As a student pursuing a career in child development, I have a set of goals as far as my goals are concerned. I have both the long term, short term and mid-term goals that I intend to achieve alongside my career. For instance, my short-term goal is to improve my grades the following semester above my earlier performance. It is imperative that the consequent performance of the semester will affect my final grade in the long run. The resources needed for achieving the goals are to study materials and lectures.


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