Health Issues Among the African-American people

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The incidence of hypertension and mortality rate is higher in African Americans compared to other races in the United States. It is estimated that 51 million people in the US suffer from this health issue. The journal article examines the prevalence of hypertension among the African American people in regards to the other groups in the US. According to the article in the epidemiology section, hypertension is both prevalence and destructive among the African-Americans compared to other ethnic groups. Based on a study by the national health and nutrition examination survey data, the present prevalence of hypertension among the Africa-American is at 39.1% (Nesbitt & Victor, 2004).

Moreover, the contributing factors to hypertension disparity and treatment in African American are physiological, cultural and socioeconomic variations. It is evident that stress factors have contributed to some cases of hypertension among the people of color. The stress is more among the African American because of the challenges they go through among other races. It is vivid that prevalence of salt-sensitive in African-American is about 50% whereas the prevalence in whites is about 40%. The other additional physiological modifications described among the African American are increased alpha receptor sensitivity and increased nervous system activity because of stress. Moreover, the obesity is also a contributing factor among the people of color because of their eating habit that is varied.

The article also provides treatment options for hypertension as a health issue. It is important to look at the diet as a recommendation for hypertension provided the obesity rate in the African-American population. Based on the article, a dietary approach to prevent hypertension task has shown some level of efficacy in reducing the blood pressure level. It was specifically appropriate among the African American by producing intense blood pressure lowering without loss of weight or rather decreasing dietary sodium intake. Exercise is also recommended among appropriate solutions to the health issue.

Moreover, health education based on the effect of hypertension should be the main focus of healthcare professional to reduce and prevent mortality in the African American with hypertension. The African American usually don’t seek for treatment for hypertension until it has reached its extreme of damaging the target organ. Therefore, it is important to conduct health awareness programs among the African American people to educate them on the relevance of seeking hypertension treatment. The African American people are supposed to be treated fairly to make them free to seek medication or other health issues.

Impact of the article to nursing practice

The health information described in the section is important in nursing practice. I have learned the prevailing issue among the African American culture such as the physiological reactions, genetic make-up and also the social influence on the aspect of hypertension. I have realized that physiological processes cause most of the African American hypertension among the population. It is also evident that the recorded cases of extreme hypertension are because of the negligence of these population to the issue of health (American Nurses’ Association, 2010). Therefore, I will be able to advance my care system by making sure that I track every African American who visits the health care. I will ensure that they understand the importance of seeking treatment early. I will also provide information on the right diet and exercise to prevent the occurrence of hypertension among the population.


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