Field Notes

Date: 2nd October 2018

Time: 8:20 AM

Task Description: Boston Prudential Mall

The Boston Prudential Mall was a good place for analyzing different kinds of music. The mall has a variety of store and mixed activities which makes effective for a research process. I arrived at the mall early morning to analyze the songs that were being played in the stores. I analyzed most of the stores and noted the kind of songs they were playing. For instance, the store were like;

  • Microsoft store played “poker face” song
  • Godiva store they played “when i want to know” and what the reason is by Daryl Hall & John Oates)
  • Madawell store they played “Dressing in Disguise and All your Silly Games by Margot Minks
  • Oakley store played “Jumpsuit Song”
  • Sephora store played “Funkytown Song”

A Visit Boston Prudential Mall Reflection

The Boston Prudential Mall is an urban shopping center which is situated at the base of the prudential tower in Boston. I had a visitation to the mall the previous week last month during the morning hours. The mall is one of the largest in the entire United States of America. It features more than one thousand chains and high-end stores. It is imperative that when one is outside they cannot notice the kind of activities taking place and it may seem quite. The tasks are clouded by music from every store which captures the steps of people and conversations. The paper reflects on my visitation to the Boston Prudential Mall the previous week.

The Mall has several stores which are separated by thin walls and the kind of products or services being offered. It can be said that it is a consumer of consumers based on the availability of products and services as well as the nature of music played. The first thing that strikes your eyes when at the entrance is a variety of music that is played from end to end and store to store. It is evident that when an individual takes a walk through the corridors, he or she will get to listen to a variety of music produced by different people and also to have variant features. The music style played in the mall was able to create a boundary on the products and services offered at each store.

The first store I visited was a Microsoft store within the mall. Thus, just like any other store around the mall the store was playing its brand of music. It played the ‘’Poker Face’’ song by Lady Gaga. It was wonderful listening to pop song about Romance. I noticed most of Lady Gaga fans could enter easily to the store or pass by attempting to lyric through the chorus.

Moreover, I also managed to visit the Godiva store they played “when I want to know” and what the reason is by Daryl Hall & John Oates. The Godiva store played this song from a soft tune and low volume, and it was very difficult to realize it was playing from outside the store. I only got to listen to the music when I entered the store.

Additionally, I visited the Madewell store which was located towards the end of the mall. The store played the song “Dressing in Disguise and All your Silly Games by Margot Minks. The song has its features which makes it different from other songs with romance as their primary theme. Based on how it was played, an individual was able to realize the power of love the writer had and what inspired the release of the song. It was not difficult to join through the lyric of the song as I was looking through the store to check what I wanted. However, the song matched the environment within the Madewell store in the mall.

The other store I visited was the Oakley store offering a variety of men’s and women’s eyewear, apparels and other accessories. Thus, based on its unique line of specialty, it had its music playing in their systems. The store was playing ‘’Jumpsuit’’ by Twenty-one pilots. The song is one of the hard rock music genres. The song could capture most of the people passing along the store line based on its bits and rhythm. The song is loved by young people who attend music concerts for rock music. Therefore, just as the song itself, the commercial space was under the control of the song.


The last store I visited was the Sephora store which is one of the stores in the mall. And just like any other store, it was playing the ‘’Funkytown Song’’. It was evident that the distinction in the types of songs played in the stores. The stores were offering diverse products or services hence the need for different songs to entertain its customers. The commercial spaces were occupied by the sounds emanating from the various songs played by each of the stores. Most of the stores played songs that could attract the line of customers they want.

Work Cited

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