Hey Jona,

I appreciate you for the post on crisis management plan. I agree with you about crisis management plan that it must be analyzed and planned carefully to be appropriately executed. It is imperative that a proper planning method is important for the exercise to be executed in the right manner. As you have stated, methods such as conduct the exercise regularly, the plans should allow the people in a vital position to make an easy decision under pressure and the protocols ought to be continuously updated. Therefore, I believe that a crisis management plan should be flexible and appropriate to allow for easy response to the crisis.

Moreover, I want to appreciate your contribution to group assignment. As you have stated, group assignment has always been a challenge based on our varying personalities and needs. I agree with the fact that communication can be a problem based on the individual preference on various means of communication such as the use of email. I also support the fact that fear has been a significant issue in a group or workplace because of the possible harm from other employees. Therefore, it is important for employees to report any issue to the management without any fear of being bullied by other employees.

Hello Chris,

It is important that you took part in the discussion on the crisis management plan. Based on your contribution, I like the fact that you began with the scenarios for the crisis management plan as an epidemic, shooter and major power outrage which needs an effective plan. I agree with the fact that the crisis management plan begins with understanding the scenarios which then extends to detailing every actions and decision that needs to be made in every incident takes place. Additionally, I like the fact that you considered the case of Katrina’s crisis management plan that failed because it was not flexible. I believe this can be used as a benchmark for creating an effective plan.

Hello Nganga

Thanks for your contribution to effective crisis management plan. It is important that you described crisis management which is a series of steps carried out by an organization to deal with an emergency. I agree with you on the fact that to have a concrete crisis management plan, and it is important to identify the crisis communication team to make sure there is an effective way of responding to a crisis.

Based on group exercise, I agree with that fact that working together is important in a team. According to the discussion, the major challenges was on a partitioning of various sections to make sure that every person participates and contributes to the overall work, but some people have various opinions and schedules.

Hello Jambu

First, I want to appreciate your effort to contribute to a crisis management plan and also group exercise. I agree with the fact that various factors must be considered to create a crisis emergency plan. For instance, the media for adequate distribution to the people involved and stakeholders to develop the plan. I like the fact that you have outlined ten important factors to consider in making such an emergency plan. On the other hand, I like your contribution to that communication and scenario simulation training is important in group exercise.

Hey Stecy,

It is important that you contributed to a crisis management plan. I like the fact that you began by its primary goal which is to ensure that there is a safety of life. According to the post, communication is important in making a crisis plan for sharing information. The communication will provide a quick response to a crisis.  For an effective crisis management plan, a crisis response plan should create a communication plan for sharing information. On the other hand, you have stated that you’re not a fan of group project since it can inadequately represent an individual effort in the project which is true.