Why nurse should and should not donate their services


Any nurse should donate services given that the Good Samaritan act offers protection for any error which might happen in the process of service delivery. It is evident that a nurse may refuse to donate his or her services in case of a situation of trial and the fear that anything can happen which might result in a lawsuit. However, in a situation where the law can protect a nurse in case of any errors, he or she should be able to donate services. Concerning the protection by the Good Samaritan law, a nurse should donate the service at the scene of an emergency and should try as much as possible to avoid making mistakes intentionally (Grace, 2013). It is imperative that such actions are morally unacceptable and is against the beneficence nursing ethic principle. A nurse should donate his or her service and do a good work in regards to the health skills acquired.

On the other hand, nursing experts are expected to use their code of practice and ethics at all times. This shows that nurses can only do what exists in their job description. Therefore, since service donation is not part of their job description, they should not donate services. In case a nurse does what is contrary to his or her professional codes of practice and ethics, then serious actions may follow against such practices (Guido, 2014). For instance, it can go to the extent of cancellation of his or her practicing license by the nursing board. Therefore, a nurse should not donate service but practice what is in their code of practice and ethics.

In addition, where a nurse gets to the scene of an emergency and fails to assist the individual involved, it can result in a lawsuit. In such as case, the nurse may be sued due to negligence when the patient succumbs. If the patient succumbs as a result of unprofessional acts of the nurse, the nurse will be liable for the consequence (Guido, 2014). Therefore, it is important for nurses to make ethical decisions as far as service is concerned. This is because it is their mandate or role to assist people having health issues.


The decision of whether a nurse to donate services or not depends on them entirely. However, such decisions can bring along consequences based on the outcome of the actions. Based on this, it important for a nurse to always make decision-based on his or her code of practice and ethics. It is also important that various laws such as Good Samaritan exist to protect the person from making a decision to assist despite the outcome of the health service.

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