Schizophrenia over Time

Experience with Schizophrenia

McGough, who took a break from her childhood Education at the University of Park had a childhood schizophrenia something she did not understand till she continued experiencing symptoms as an adult. She constantly saw spiders, a clown and perhaps a girl who terrorized her. He experiences with schizophrenia has both positive and negative symptoms (TEDx Talks, 2017). The positive symptoms she experienced in her daily life was hallucinations. On the other hand, the negative symptoms were like isolation, withdrawal and challenge speaking which separated her from her real life. It is imperative that McGough, as opposed to other people with schizophrenia, had hallucinations as a major symptom.

Ellyn Saks describes her experience with chronic schizophrenia or a tale of mental illness from the inside. Sak’s spent hundreds of days in Psychiatric hospitals, but she managed to stay vivid with a lifetime spent in one. She experienced positive symptoms such as delusions which becomes fixed in mind or rather false beliefs that do not respond to evidence. According to Sak’s “sometimes I have the delusion that I have killed many people with my thoughts or that an individual has set off an explosion in my brain.” Besides, hallucination is another common positive symptom but mostly auditory. She says she experiences occasional visual hallucination but not always (TED Conferences, Producer, 2012). However, the negative symptoms she experienced are like apathy, inability to perform some duties and hold on to relationships.

I would like to apply clinical Rated of Psychosis symptoms severity in the following way. It is a tool that consists of 8 items of measure. It assists in diagnosing various kinds of psychotic disorder such as hallucinations, delusions, disorganized speech, abnormal psychomotor behavior, mania, impaired cognition and depression. Every item is measured in five-point scale such as 1-equivocal, 2-present but mild, 3-present but moderate, 4-present and severe (Morrison, 2014). The physician reviewed all the information of the client and chose more accurately describe the person condition based on the information available. Then, the physician will give a score for every item in the scoring column given. The information can be analyzed, interpreted and concluded on the kind of disorder the person suffered. On the other hand, the world health organization disability assessment service is a standardized tool and technique that is used for measuring health status and disability across various nations. It consists of six items for understanding people’s situation.  The items are like cognition, mobility, self-care, participation, and life activities.

The onset of both cases is influenced by attributes of behavioral abnormalities like in cognition, emotion, the point of view, communication, motivation, and sleep as featured attributes. The design of these symptoms gives the scholars a chance to determine those at high risk to change a psychotic disorder hence giving a unique chance for research during early treatment (Morrison, 2014). For instance, both parties had experienced the condition from the early years of their lives all the way to adulthood. The featured attributes are like hallucination and delusion which became part of their lives.

It is imperative that treating schizophrenia can be challenging since it involves a process to be taken before a final treatment is realized. The use of antipsychotic medication could be effective but requires a lot of considerations such as cost and possible side effects such as withdrawal. Moreover, there is also the issue of stigma from the community where the individuals who have schizophrenia are considered impaired and dangerous to other normal human beings (Morrison, 2014). For instance, in both cases, the patients are mishandled and hospitalized involuntarily. Therefore, socially, these people need to be shown love and a sense of belonging rather than the stigma that is common. 

Moreover, the other requirements are like family, vocational and medical support. An individual with schizophrenia requires both financial and moral support from the family. The family should be able to seek various ways of arriving at a solution by looking for a therapist to assist in the situation. It is also important to provide the person with appropriate medication to assist reduce the problem. For instance, antipsychotic drugs are often administered to help rectify the issue. Other than medication, it is important to give vocational periods for the person to allow the person to rest and recollect himself or herself.

The treatment of Saks and McGough could be similar in medication since they have the same condition which requires similar attention. For example, both of them suffers from schizophrenia though they have distinct features. On the other hand, the treatment could look different because of the distinct attributes. For example, McGough experienced constant Hallucination whereas Saks experienced broken Hallucination and Delusion. Based on this, these people will go through a diverse process of recovery.

An experience with schizophrenia could be different based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and social-economic status. It is imperative that schizophrenia is more severe in men than in women considering hormonal balance. Osmosis (2016) states that more people have mental illness in more unequal communities especially in women. Based on this, inequality in society can advance the impact of Schizophrenia. It is also clear that there is no significant effect of race on the condition.


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