Question 11

Yes, the Canadian magazine dispute was motivated by genuine desires to protect its culture. The Canadian government was worried because their population of approximately 26 million Canadian was rapidly becoming saturated with American culture through the magazine. Moreover, it is apparent that the magazine was full of American cultures which had a great impact on the lives of the natives. The contents of the foreign magazines had more than 80% foreign cultures which became a threat to Canadian culture. Therefore, the extent of the Canadian government desire to have full control over the running of the Canadian magazine was an indication that the whole dispute was to protect its culture.

The government of Canada was pressured to protect its market due to the financial interest of the Canadian magazine industry to a greater extent. For instance, the Canadian government went to the extent of offering subsidies to its local magazine’s producers to ensure that they a more advantaged to compete in the market. Besides the competition aspect, the government also introduced tax concessions for all the foreign contents. It is apparent that most parts of the market were taken over by the American magazine which the government wanted to control for its local producers. For instance, about 89% of the magazine industry was being managed by foreign investors was a blow to the locals.

The Canadian magazines constituting only 11% of its sales in Canada meant that a significant percentage of its people are purchasing and reading the foreign magazine which has an impact in its cultures. It is an indication that the majority of the people are reading the content from the US magazine hence stand a chance to adopt the American culture. In addition, the rating of 11% showed the Canadian government the need to restore its culture which was being influenced by foreigners through the sale of magazines. Thus, 11% was an indication that the Canadians are about to lose their culture.

Question 12

The Canadians should not be allowed to vote with their purchasing habits because it is already a threat to its culture. It is apparent that under normal market forces and conditions, the Canadian would still prefer buying American magazines due to their dominance in the business. Thus, allowing people to make choices based on preference would put the Canadian culture at risk of extinction. The Canadians purchasing more of the America magazines is a threat to the existence of the Canadian culture and a highway to the adoption of the American culture. Based on the stated criteria, it will be apparent that they should not major on the aspect of losing their culture and major on being a customer to the American culture through their magazines.

According to me, it is unfair to introduce more levies to the foreign corporations even when their existence on local marketers and the government would want to manage its subsequent impacts. It is apparent that this action would go against the international trade agreement that the government signed between countries like the US regardless of their impact on Canadian culture. For instance, the bilateral trade agreement between the two nations had the intention of fostering a good trading environment. Thus, introducing an extra levy would oppose the agreements thereby affecting the good trade relationship between the US and Canada. For instance, this action could trigger stringent measures on Canada’s trade operations by the US. I think that there were other ways such as bilateral talks on the terms and conditions for every business. For example, they can raise issues of respecting a country’s culture.