Homeland Security / Emergency Management

Answer the following questions in a memo of 10 pages, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman. Your memo should be documented in APA style. You are responsible for maintaining disaster response and recovery plans for your organization. Which agencies would be involved in a man-made terrorist disaster? Which agencies would be involved in a natural disaster such as flooding or a hurricane? What are the key plan components that should be periodically updated? How should plans be tested? What drills should be periodically conducted to ensure the appropriate individuals are knowledgeable of key plan elements?

Please note that you need to follow the writing requirements provided for all assignments.

  • Since showing your paper’s direction is critical, you want to make sure you have a thesis for your papers. Every paper or exam assignment must have a clear thesis statement, as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.  You cannot state ‘this paper will do xxx” or have a statement of fact as the thesis. The thesis also cannot contain author information. You are welcome to run thesis statements by me prior to the paper due date to ensure you are on the right track. A paper without a thesis as the last sentence of the introduction will not receive higher than a “B”.
  • Just as the thesis is important, you want to make sure that each body paragraph in a paper or exam relates back to that thesis so that the paragraphs have focus. Thus, every paragraph must start with a topic sentence in the author’s own words. The topic sentence is like a mini-thesis, relating back to the main thesis, and will be the focus of that paragraph. You won’t want your paragraphs, for instance, to start with author information.
  • First/second person is NOT permitted in any assignment. Any paper using first/second person will receive no higher than a grade of “B”. Please write in third person.
  • Avoid contractions, unfocused words like “it” and “they”, spelling errors, grammatical errors, and punctuation errors. All papers are expected to be spell-checked and are expected to use appropriate English writing techniques.
  • Remember that author information needs to be used appropriately. You would not start or end a paragraph in any assignment with author information or have author information following author information. Your own ideas need to be foremost in each body paragraph. A paragraph, as well as the papers and discussions, must be predominantly your own ideas.  Your own ideas must be foremost.   The conclusion cannot contain author information. Not following these requirements will lead to a grade not higher than “B” on the paper. Please note that papers and discussions may be run through turnitin.com to check for originality.