A Mothers story by rosie batty

1000 words
a Mother’s Story about? 
Introduce your book review with a brief outline of the themes in Rosie’s book that you found most interesting and/or concerning.
This need only be a short paragraph (250 words).
Body Then answer the following questions in the body of your book review (600-700 words): 
2.What does Rosie Batty’s book tell us about family violence being a social issue?
3. What does Rosie Batty’s book tell us about prevention of family violence as a social responsibility?4. How can you adopt Batty’s approach to critically frame your own practice in collectively working together to prevent family violence across Australia. 

ConclusionYour conclusion will pull all of the ideas you’ve introduced throughout the review together and summarize your main argument. Again, this need only be a short paragraph (150 words).Please utilise and refer to the Essential Readings, as below, to critically frame your review and to substantiate your argument.Batty, R, Corbett, B, 2015, “A Mother’s Story”, HarperCollins Publishers, Sydney,Flood, M, 2018, “Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention”, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.Hill, J, 2019, “See What You Made Me Do: Power, Control and Domestic Violence”, Schwartz Publishing Pty, Limited, Carlton.