Executive Summary

Integrated Marketing Communications is a vital marketing tool that can help lead the success of a business venture by marketing its goods or services using traditional and modern communication. The IMC plan clearly stipulates the speculated expenditure in promoting and implementing areas of concern. This IMC is formulated to address the most pressing need that could jeopardize the profitable nature of the business venture. This report is based on Kreative Kreations, a Chicago based event planning company that will be known for its splendid quality of service. However, due to the stiff market competition, Kreative Kreations will be exploring its chances and opportunities for diversification of its operation and market. This Kreative Kreations IMC report seeks to insightful outline the plan that should be adhered to in achieving product and market diversity.(brown, 2008)


Creative Kreation is an entertainment management company which will focus on planning corporate entertainment events, which will be inclusive of music concerts, promotional events, corporate gigs, sports tournament and all round entertainment related events. Kreative Kreations has its core focus to entertain its guests by proper determination of what works best for the them.

This company will promote and manage entertainers, it will revolutionanise concerts and entertainment events in Chicago. It will be competitive and has its primary focus on becoming the best event organizing company in Chicago.

IMC Objectives

The dynamicity of the service offered by Kreative Kreations explores various integrated market campaigns that are targeted to achieve diverse objectives. In this accord, integrated market campaign regarding the organization of concerts is organized to achieve various objectives as elaborated below.

Promotion; Kreative Kreation will promote entertainment by supporting of new artiste , and sports personnel by signing recording deals for them, and also managing their business deals, it will ensure that they get enough publicity and marketing

Events and concert planning, this is the main goal of this company, we will plan and mange entertainment events in chi cargo. This will be through hiring of concert hall, basketball pitch and related facilities. We will also liaise with several other interested companies who in return shall be acknowledged ant can advertise their products (Barnes Reports, 2015,)

Publicity, since we are an event organizing company we will seek to make ourselves a household name, this shall be achieved through commercial advertisement, and advertisement on social media like facebook, twitter, instagram. We will also use billboards to advertise ourselves(Brown,2008)

Growth and establishment, our company seeks to be the biggest in Chicago, our plan is to outgrow other companies in terms of events we organize and income we generate. This will be through attraction of stakeholders and clients, owe shall achieve this by charging events at lower prices compared to others (Brown,2008)

Market Analysis

Creative creation will conduct a thorough study on the market size; these are by getting the record of the population of Chicago, and have an assumption that all of them are potential clients,

We will also conduct a detailed study of the environment of Chicago, in this study we will seek to know legal, political, economic, social and cultural and technological environment, we will compile proper information on market size, growth trends and consumer attitude and behavior. Our study will seek also to know market approach of our competitors since we are going to attract their customers( stevens,Dunn,Sherwood,1993)

SWOT Analysis

Strengths ·   Wide consumer base for event planning and organization services. ·    The company’s personnel are constituted of impeccable experts in the hospitality sector. ·   The company is firmly anchored on the provision of exemplary services that concur with clients. needs ·       The diversity of services provided by the company is pivotal to a wide revenue base for the company.Weakness ·      The stiff market competition in from established entertainment companies ·       Poor publicity and marking strategies have significantly resulted in a stringent market for the company’s services. ·     Inadequate advertising, this is due to large population in Chicago and not all of them can be reached ·
Opportunities ·         Centralized business operation is limiting to the business. Kreative Kreations can invest in another town thus widening its capital base and market. ·         Kreative Kreations can increase its agents so as to facilitates a larger reachability and create a personal appeal that appeals to the client to use the services provided by the company. ·         The company can take advantage of the new technological tools that offer an internet platform for publicizing its services. This is through advertisement on facebook, twitter, instagram., we have also received a massive following on these social media platforms (Shimp, T. A. 2007)  Threats ·      Despite the immense potential for success exhibited by Kreative Kreations, the advertisement aspect of the company should be revised to include intensive publicity of its services since failure would result in jeopardizing the company’s competitive advantage given the stiff market competition. ·      Strong competition from established companies and also from emerging companies. Unpredictability of the market, also fast and changing trend in the market. This is due to unpredictability of public preferences, emerging and ever dynamic entertainment industry (Brown,2008)  

Communication Strategies Plan

Communication strategies employed in the IMC is essential in achieving the set objectives. Therefore, advertising encloses the use of traditional and modern communication campaign strategies such as the use of the internet. Events and other services rendered by

Kreative Kreations will have a wide range of consumers. So newspaper advertisement would be a better strategy in targeting the old and conservative population that does not wish to use the internet. (Shimp, T. A. 2007)

Advertising the sun-times and theTribune would be efficient for Kreative Kreations since it has a wide readership. However, the cost of advertising is $284 per item on the internet. The  internet is a modern IMC tool that can be employed to reach a wide demographic range of consumers. The internet costs effective and would be an appropriate tool for IMC without necessarily causing a huge financial strain on the business. Advertising through the internet should be conducted by purchasing of Google AdWords and advertising on social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram

Direct marketing

Personal mailing creates personal appeal and thus implores the buyer to order services provided by Kreative Kreations. The essence of personal mailing is informs the target market of the available offers and discount that could motivate them to purchase the service.( Brown, 2008)

Sales Promotion

A lucrative business venture heavily relies on the increase in the sales volume. Therefore, all activities that are geared toward increasing the sales volume of Kreative Kreations should be covered in the IMC strategies. Other than the use of traditional media and the internet in marketing, it is important that the company employs salespersons to create personal appeal and to urge customers to make purchases (Barnes Reports2015),

Public relation

Creative creation has put more emphasis on public relation as an important part of marketing because it creates strong ties between the organization and its stakeholders.  We have created publicity and have building media relations that have constituted the creation of a positive business image that has trigger service loyalty and increase the consumer base. The PR approach has included appreciation letters, appreciation advertisement on media and appreciation gist to show our clients we value them. We also give our stakeholders wonderful reception( Shimp, T. A. (2007)

Communication Schedules

The proposed IMC has to follow clearly stipulated dates that insightfully inform consumers of events that will occur. For instance, the launching of another branch in a different town has to be placed in the calendar.

Budget and Evaluation

Running Cost of the company

The company will have a quite huge budget; the higher part of the expenditure will go to day to day running of the company. These expenses will include payment of salaries, planning of events, payment of advertisements, payment of rent, hiring events venue, payment of security personnel and also payment of taxes returns(Barnes Reports2015)

Payment of salaries, the company has a pool of 30 workers, this includes the CEO, General Manager, HR, Accountant, procurement Manager, Planning manager, the rest of the staff include workers, who are allocated in various departments of the company, their payment is as listed below and the order of how they are earning;( Barnes Reports, 2015,)

CEO – $20000

General manager- $15000



Planning Manager-$10000

Procurement manager-$10000

8 senior employees-$6000

16 junior staff -$4000

The total amount used on salaries, $187000

Rent and hiring cost

The company will rent an office suit in Chicago CBD; the offices should cater for the management offices, boardroom, staff workstations, reception, kitchen, and storeroom. The office suit should have a humble parking area. We shall be paying a rent of $50000 per month; rent per year is $600000

We shall also be hiring venues for our events, we have an average of 3 to 4 events per month, and this translates into an equivalent of 40 events per year. We this is subject to change since we are developing at a very fast rate, an estimate of hiring a 3000 capacity venue per day is $30000, though venues with a higher capacity is higher than the above amount. We once paid $50000 dollars for a basketball auditions venue. The total amount for venue hiring equals $1200000

Rent per year- $600000

Venue hiring per year-$1200000

This amounts to a total of $1800000)

(Hood R. Husband, D & Yu, F.2002)


This company spends on several other things, which include vehicles, office furniture, sound equipment, lighting system, these are estimated below

Management vehicles-$100000,

Senior staff vehicles-$20000,

Company vehicles-50000,

Office equipment-$30000


Sound system-$100000,

This amounts to a total of $330000,

Concert expenditures and promotions

During concerts we spend a lot on the performers, mostly mainstream artiste, we also spend on artiste who curtain raise for them, there also master of ceremonies and disk jockeys. We also have guest’s appearance that makes an appearance.

Performing artiste, -$1000000

Master of ceremonies-$200000,

Disk jockeys-$ 200000

Security personnel-150000

Catering service-$100000


Guest appearances-$100000

This makes a total of -$1800000

(Hood R. Husband, D & Yu, F.2002)

Miscellaneous expenditures

Will include everything that will arise and has not been budgeted for. These include damages accidents injuries, taxes and compensation; we have allocated a budget of $1000000

Develop a list of the planned communications strategy mix and estimate the costs of each component

Advertisement on Chicago TV, channels, we will carry out advertisement on eight main channels this will include, ABC, NBC, PBS, CBS, FOX, TCT, MNT, PBS, an advertisement on local channel cost $25 dollar per second dollar per advertisement and our company advertisement will be running for one minute, per the channel per day,, this therefore will an equivalent of $4380000 per year

Objective of T.V is to produce a commercial advertisement which conveys a message, for typically to market our product and services, this advertisement are very expensive though it is the best tool of relaying our presence. The reason for several T.V commercial is to make ourselves familiar and a household name

we will also run advertisement on daily newspapers but in Chicago, the newspapers will include; the Defender, Chicago Sun times, Chicago tribune, beacon news, Benton evening news, Belleville news, the cost of running an advertisement is on daily newspaper per thousands is $80, then we shall advertise once a week and also depending on the number of events that we have, per year estimation is $4800000

Newspaper display advertising is a form of newspaper advertisement this advertisement appears alongside regular editorial content. Display ads are generally used by businesses and corporations towards promotion of their goods and services and are generally for larger budget clients.  We have adopted this form to show our commitment and seriousness in business                                                       we will also run advertisement on Google via AdWords and also on online coupon sites will cost are $100 per month; this will be $12000 per year. (Pros or, 2014)  it is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers, which happens to be our objective

We will also regularly run advertisements on local radios, these radios will cost $100 dollars per minute,  and our advertisement will be one minute a week, and our company shall run once a week , on five Chicago radio channels, the will be a budget of $ 52000. Our objective is to captor the attention of the listeners an also to advertise ourselves

A table of advertisement cost

TV$ 4380000

this will be a total of $9244000.


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Dubowitz/Ballard scoring


The Dubowitz/Ballard score or rather scale in most cases is a technique used in assessing gestational age in infants. The Ballard score or rather Dubowitz assigns scores to various criteria that are divided into neurological and physical. This technique or rather scoring enhances the estimation of age ranging from 26 weeks to approximately 43 weeks. The paper in our case will narrow its discussion on Dubowitz/Ballard scoring based on an assignment of a 37 week GA infant. The paper will also include picture and measurement description of what is being scored and why it is used in gestational age determination.

From my assessment of the neuromuscular criteria, I am going to narrow down on the aspects such as the posture, square window, Arm coil, popliteal angle, scarf sign and heel to ear. On the other criteria that are the physical criteria, I am going to assess aspects such as skin, lanugo hair, breast bud, plantar surface, genitals and eye/ear.

Neuromuscular maturity

Posture. Under this case, it has the meaning of observing the infant’s posture, and this is greatly achieved by handling the infant that improves the assessment.

The square window is performed by flexing the hand at the wrist, and this enhances the exertion of pressure that leads to much flexion as possible or rather required. Also, the angle that is in between the anterior aspect of the forearm and hypothenar eminence is measured and later score.

Arm recoil as the other aspect of the neuromuscular criteria involves fully flexing the hands with the forearm with the hands at the shoulder during the process for approximately five seconds then followed by an extension by pulling the hands and release as soon as the elbows are extended fully and take heed of the recoil that is the degree at which the flexion is at the elbows.

The fourth aspect of the neuromuscular criteria is the popliteal angle that is achieved with the pelvis flat on the examining surface and bringing the knee onto the abdomen using one hand and the other side pushing behind the ankle bringing the foot towards the face.

The fifth stage is the scarf sign achieved by taking the infant’s hand and draw across the neck and the shoulder like a scarf and score according to the location of the elbow.

Heel to ear on the other side has the meaning of holding the infant’s foot with one hand and moving it closer to the head as possible remember not to force it.In the process of the practice, the knee may slide down the side of the abdomen as you proceed and ensuring that the pelvis is flat on the surface.

From the assessment, the following was as a result of the assessment on the infant’s gestational age.

The second aspect in Dubowitz/Ballard scoring is the physical criteria.

Under the physical criteria the six features are going to be entered in the table below and analyzed as follows.

LanugoNoneSparseNumerousThinningBald areasMostly baldSparse
SkinSticky, friable, transparentGelatinous, red, translucentSmooth pink, visible veinsSuperficial peeling and rash, few veinsCracking, pale areas, rare veinsParchment, deep cracking, no vesselsLeathery, cracked, wrinkled
Ear and eyeLids fused loosely: -1 Tightly: -2Lids open pinna flat stays foldedSI. Curved pinna soft; slow recoilWell-curved pinna soft but ready recoilFormed and firm instant recoilThick cartilage ear staff 
Plantar surfaceHeel-toe 40-50 mm: -1<40mm: -2>50 mm No creaseFaint red marksAnterior transverse crease onlyCreases over anterior 2/3 of soleCreases over entire sole 
BreastImperceptibleBarely perceptibleFlat areola no budStippled areola 1-2 mm budRaised areola 3-4 mm budFull areola 5-10 mm bud 
Genitals (female)Clitoris prominent and labia flatProminent clitoris and small labia minoraProminent clitoris and enlarging minoraMajora and minora equally prominentMajora large, minora smallMajora cover clitoris and minora 
Genitals (male)Scrotum flat, smoothScrotum empty, faint rugaeTestes in upper canal, rare rugaeTestes descending, few rugaeTestes down, good rugaeTestes pendulous, deep rugae 

The interpretation of the gestational age of the infant.

  1. Total score -10: Gestational age 19 weeks
  2. Total score 0: Gestational age 22 weeks
  3. Total score 10: Gestational age 25 weeks
  4. Total score 20: Gestational age 28 weeks
  5. Total score 30: Gestational age 31 weeks
  6. Total score 40: Gestational age 34 weeks
  7. Total score 50: Gestational age 37 weeks

From the ballard score we find that the scores were ranged from 5 to 50 with the corresponding gestational ages ranging from 19 weeks and 37 weeks where as the increase in the score by 10 increases the age by 3 weeks.on the other hand the new ballards score gives room for -1 hence there are negative scores.


From the above we come to get the aspect of dubowitz/ballards scoring put in use lleading to the well established infant’s geastational age assesments.from the article we also get to understand better the criteria which are much involved in the dubowitz score which are nnueromascular and physical criteria which involves numerous asppects under them.


Ballard, J. L., Khoury, J. C., Wedig, K. L., Wang, L., Eilers-Walsman, B. L., & Lipp, R. (1991). New Ballard Score, expanded to include extremely premature infants. The Journal of pediatrics, 119(3), 417-423.

Ballar, J. L., Novak, K. K., & Driver, M. (1979). A simplified score for assessment of fetal maturation of newly born infants. The Journal of pediatrics, 95(5), 769-774.


Explaining the Electronic Health Record (EHR) to your patients

To explain to the 87-year-old patient about the box first I will tell him what the box is. The box, in this case, is a computer mounted on a wheel that is used for patient assessment based on the electronic health record that is a program on the computer. The next step I would make the patient well convinced and satisfied is explaining what electronic health record is. Which, in this case, refers to the digital version or rather an invention of a patient-centered records making information secure and readily available to the authorized users such as the nurses, containing treatment and medical history of patients (Czar, 2013).

The other thing that the patient needs to know about the box or rather a computer is giving him or her a detailed explanation of the electronic health record which is the reason as to why you have the box in the room. To convince the patient, I would go straight to the benefits or rather advantages of electronic health record that includes better health care. The patient, in this instance, needs to know that the ‘box’ or rather computer contains all information about his health and gathered in one place and for that case a networked electronic health record system provides complete and accurate information that leads to better or rather the best care possible to the patient (Czar, 2013).

The other thing that I will give as a reason for having the computer in the room is the aspect of better care coordination. And lastly the box that is the computer enables more involvement in patient’s care, and this would allow better health provision to the patients by the health providers (Czar, 2013).


From the above argument, we get to understand the benefits or rather the advantages of electronic health records (EHR) in the field of nursing. An electronic health record in most of the cases as discussed above is essential in that both the patient and the health provider directly benefits from it. The benefits as stated above are more care involvement, better patient care and better care coordination hence of more importance in the field of nursing.


Czar, P. (2013). Handbook of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals. Pearson Higher Ed.


Psychoanalytic Criticism on “Green eggs and ham”

The paper is an article that will base its arguments on the Psychoanalytic Criticism on the book “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss.

The term psychoanalysis refers to Freud’s theory of personality attributing to actions and thoughts to motives and conflicts that are unconscious (Seuss). From the book, we get to understand the structure of the mind according to the text of the book. The minds structure, in this case, is divided into three which are superego which means internalized ideals that provide standards for future aspirations and judgment in most cases our conscience. The other structure is the ego that refers to the executive mediator that occurs between superego, reality and id and lastly id referring to the storehouse of our wishes, fears, and desires (Seuss).

From the book the author introduces Sam-I-Am representing the id of the unnamed character, the green eggs in the book as anticipated by the author represents an unconscious desire identity of Sam-I-Am where both are repressed by the ego of the character unnamed to avoid being termed as immature. The persistence of Sam-I-Am in the text shows or rather reveals the strength of the id (Seuss).

The author also in the context of the book shows how the unnamed character uses the aspect of reaction formation in avoiding to eat the green eggs and ham at all cost, reaction formation in this case refers to the defense mechanism through which the ego switches impulses into the opposite unconsciously. The reality we get from the context of the book is that the unnamed character desires to eat ham and green eggs (Seuss).

At the end of the story finally, the id breaks all defense mechanisms and the unnamed character tries green eggs and ham and lastly the reconciliation of the ego and id gives the unnamed character liberation and fulfillment (Seuss).


From a psychoanalytic view, green eggs and ham give an illustration how we human struggle between our child life remains and adult life. Therefore, we should not be tire or rather bored as we grow instead we should allow and accept for id and ego equilibrium.


Seuss, Dr. Green Eggs and Ham 甦斯博士>>. 1960.


Literacy design collaborative

Literacy design collaborative refers to a systematic framework that aids in developing writing, thinking and reading skills within various boundaries of academic disciplines. The LDC framework in most cases provides teachers or rather teaching staffs with strategies and quick retrieval of articles for the aspect of developing intensive literacy units (Johnson, & Mongo, 2016). The paper, therefore, will base its arguments on how LDC framework would support students’ learning and achievement. The article will further identify some concerns and potential solutions that might be applied to solve the concerns.

Task one: How LDC framework would support students’ learning and achievement.

Employing the aspect of literacy design collaborative framework or rather tools by teachers in respective schools support the students learning and achievement in many perspectives such as it enhances the student engagement (, 2016). From the use of LDC module, student engagement is enhanced in ways such as high interest module topic, mini-tasks that provide the student with different approaches to learning. Also, student engagement is achieved through clear communication of the final product or rather an end goal and most important it is achieved through the formation of active learning groups. Hence, LDC plays a critical role in supporting the students learning and achievement (, 2016).

From the application of literacy design, the collaborative framework in most schools can augment the students’ literacy skills such as the students, writing skills are enhanced to greater heights that lead to better performance. In most of the schools, a good percentage of the teachers using the aspect of literacy design collaborative framework confess that most of their students have improved in their writing skills hence achieving high quality (Higgins, 2012).

Additionally, the use of literacy design collaborative in most schools aids the students’ academic preparation. Approximately 87% of the teachers using the aspect of literacy design collaborative states that LDC has supported their students’ readiness during their time in college (, 2016).

Literacy design collaborative framework concerns and potential solutions that might be applied to solve the concerns.

The most important concern of the literacy design collaborative framework or rather a module is engaging students (, 2016). From the aspect of employing literacy design collaboration, most of the teachers in their respective disciplines find it a challenge engaging students with sustained and rigorous work with the modules (Higgins, 2012). For instance, classes such as the reading or science class where most students do not expect much writing, they lodge complaints about the module and become more resistive to the model(, 2016).

To solve such a concern most of the teachers or rather education practitioners to engage the students in more rigorous literacy tasks they do much support increasing student learning tasks(, 2016). The approach of increasing student learning task would enable the students to become well conversant with the system or rather a module(, 2016).

The other possible solutions that is possible for addressing the concern is the teachers approach or rather application of LDC framework structure that incorporates what task, what skills, what instruction, and what results which if combined and set well will try as much as possible to address the concern to the latter (Johnson, & Mongo, 2016).


From the use of Literacy design framework or rather a module we come to get that the literacy skills incorporated with writing skills are enhanced to the latter. From the different respective schools employing the aspect of literacy design collaboration teachers according to research done have come out stating how the module has gained many benefits to their teaching standards and also the students level of engagement in their work.

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Role of a Primary Hostage Negotiator during an Incident

Hostages refer to the act or rather as the situation of taking an individual or a group of people captive for tangible or instrumental reasons. The reasons that would lead to such a situation in most cases would be such as the suspect would demand the respective authorities, or rather the police to meet specific needs including money, ransom and either transport (Vecchia, Van Hasselt & Romano, 2015). In other cases, it has gone to the extent of a national issue by holding captives of foreign countries for either the release of other politicians or citizens from the respective countries. The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on the roles that are played by the primary hostage negotiator during the incident.

The primary negotiator under the team structure has numerous roles that would aid in the process of negotiation that in most cases would lead to the solution of the hostage situation. Upon the arrival of the primary negotiator, he or she will announce the report to the scene commander who is typically the judge (Wells, 2015). In his or her full capacity the primary negotiator has the role of debriefing the officers at the scene who originated the call, which after that he or she obtains information as much as possible about the situation before making an attempt of contacting the barricaded subject or rather a hostage taker (Wells, 2015).

The primary negotiator after getting full information makes an attempt of putting the perpetrator at ease, hence making resolutions of the situations imminent. Additionally, the other important role of the primary negotiator is being aware of the following principles that include being conscious of both the non-verbal and verbal language that incorporates active listening that enhances adequate understanding and assimilation of what is said or spoken (Wells, 2015). The other aspect is the feedback that involves giving back information to the person to assure that there was a clear understanding of his or her channeled message (Wells, 2015).

The other role that is played by the primary negotiator is dealing with emotions of the hostage takers in that emotions is believed to be the hallmark of crisis situations or rather hostage situations such as the case of the primary negotiator (Wells, 2015). Therefore, the negotiator has to bring in the aspect of empathy where he suits himself or herself in the situation of the subject by intimately understanding their feelings, thoughts and motives (Wells, 2015).

The primary negotiator also has the role of asking the suspect or rather a hostage taker to give up, encourage the suspect to ventilate which leads to the soliciting of relevant information from the hostage taker (Vecchia, Van Hasselt & Romano, 2015). Through asking general questions to the hostage taker it encourages the ventilation, takes pressure off the negotiator, it encourages the suspect to do the work of talking and lastly specific questions from the primary negotiator leads to concrete answers from the hostage taker (Vecchia, Van Hasselt & Romano, 2015).

Finally, the primary negotiator has a significant role of listening carefully to the hostage taker for reasons such as getting clues as to why the hostage taker decide to take the illegal action. It is also critical for active listening to enable picking up of tactical information from the hostage taker and it also shows the concern of the suspect’s problem hence a solution can be reached that would lead to the release of the hostages. If things are not as anticipated by the team, then the secondary negotiator comes in to play his or her roles (Vecchia, Van Hasselt & Romano, 2015).


Dealing with hostage situations it is of much concern to put into consideration the team structure and follow the procedure to reach the best solution possible. From the above discussion, we get to understand the roles of the primary negotiator who comes in before any step can be taken to combat the hostage taker or rather the suspects. The primary negotiator has numerous roles such as getting information from the suspects and the reason as to why they take people hostages with an approach that would lead to the anticipated information and tactics that need to contact the hostage taker.


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Successful students with learning disabilities

The paper is an essay that will base its argument on the aspect of Successful students with learning disabilities. As an educator, it is of much concern to get to know the concept or rather the learning strategies that are more appropriate for ensuring that the students with the learning disabilities are just as successful as the able students. The paper, therefore, will give the best reason as to why the information is of more use to me as an educator.

Learning disabilities has been a problem in most of the schools across the world not only in the United States. The types of students’ learning difficulties, in this case, are numerous ranging from Oral language that incorporates speaking, listening, and understanding. The other disability is reading which includes phonetic knowledge, decoding and word recognition (Swanson, 2009).

The other learning disability that as an educator I need to know for the success of the student is math that incorporates the aspect of computing and problem solving. Similarly, as a teacher, I also need to note that written language also becomes a disability to some of the students who also needs to be addressed to the latter. Under the writing language, the student might have the problem of written expression and spelling (Swanson, 2009).

As an educator after becoming well conversant with the learning disabilities amongst your students, it is of much concern that the information on Successful students with learning disabilities will lead to the best and appropriate approach for the success of students. Getting to understand the information on Successful students with learning disabilities as an educator I also get the knowledge or rather the skills that are most appropriate for helping such students be successful. Success in this context does not mean passing their exams, and all is done, but it entrenches up to being successful in life (Swanson, 2009).

The information from Successful students with learning disabilities, as an educator I will get to understand the strategies that need to be used for the student with Oral language disability to overcome the disorder for his or her success (Swanson, 2009). The most appropriate strategy that as an educator will put into consideration is breaking tasks into smaller steps or rather units and try as much as possible giving directions in writing and other cases verbally. It is important as an educator to provide the student with the specific learning disability more time for finishing their school work or rather tasks that they are to undertake (Swanson, 2009).

The other strategy that needs to be put into consideration is letting students with reading as a learning disability to use textbooks on tapes. This strategy if implemented to the latter would help the partially blind and dyslexic disability to catch up with the able student, and this would lead to their success in both education and later in life (Swanson, 2009).

It is also of much concern as an educator to let the students with listening disabilities to get notes from classmates or even use a tape recorder to enhance their listening abilities since they would not get much from the class dictation. Lastly, as an educator, it is also of much concern that after noting some students have writing disability, it is my responsibility to let the students use the computers with specified software that enables spell checks, speech and grammar to enhance their skills (Swanson, 2009).


As an educator, we find that the research plays an important role that helps with critical information on helping the students with learning disabilities to be successful just as the other able students. From the strategies that are mentioned above, we find that the application of these strategies would enhance the success of the students in both education and later in their life. It is therefore of much concern as an educator to take heed of the strategies applicable to the respective learning disabilities(LD) for the success of the students with learning disabilities.


Swanson, H. L. (2009). Successful strategies for teaching students with learning disabilities. Learning Disabilities of America.


Buffalo Gals, won’t you come out tonight

The paper is an essay that will give a discussion on the book titled “Buffalo Gals, won’t you come out tonight” which is a science fiction by Ursula k. Le Guin published in November in the year 1987.

From the book or rather a novel, we come across a lost child who tumbles into a chaotic world of southwestern desert and spends some part of her life stay with Coyote, who in the book is referred to as a trickster. We also find that coyote in the book or rather a novel comes out as a memorable and intriguing character throughout the story (Le Guin, 1994).

The author of the book Ursula k. Le Guin from her anticipation shows how Coyote does unpredictable and extreme things that an individual would think needs one kind of reaction, but the characters who are reliable gives different responses. From the book, we get that Coyote talks to her shit and the shit responds back to her. From one of the scenes, we get to find that the lost child who lives with coyote scoops and buries crap belonging to Coyote while she is asleep (Le Guin, 1994).

Coyote wakes up and finds the turds missing, and she calls out for them which of course they answered back. Coyote then raked out every turd and had a long talk with the turds. Additionally, in the other scenes we get that Coyote with her character is represented as a leading figure in a community of animals and disgusting from her characters such as shitting and pissing anywhere and having sex with many old coyotes inclusive of her sons (Le Guin, 1994).


From the book we also get that the main character of the story that is the human girl who had fallen out of a plane and later discovered by Coyote and accepts coyote as her mother, which shows coyote’s character of compounding thoughts and actions with disgusting individuals. It is also witnessed from her stay with the other lost child who also finds refuge from coyote’s home.


Le Guin, U. K. (1994). Buffalo Gals, Won’t You Come Out Tonight. Pomegranate.


Building an HR Strategy and The Future for HR Professionals

The paper is an essay that will base its arguments by giving a discussion on the aspect of building an HR strategy and the future for HR professionals. The article will explicitly define and discuss building HR strategy and the future for HR professionals and further give the importance of HR strategy in broader perspective.

HR strategy has the meaning of determining the size, cost and structure of the resource that is required or rather needed to deliver and ensuring that all activities of the HR are aligned according to the business needs and also the future HR professionals (Becker et al., 2001). For a successful HR strategy within the company or rather an institution it is critical to put into consideration some essential aspects such as alignment of HR needs and the business which incorporates the goals of the enterprise (Becker et al., 2001).

The other key aspects are such as organizational performance, organizational structure, and design, strategic resourcing, compensation and benefits, and lastly organization culture which if incorporated together leads or rather results to a successful HR within the organization to a greater extent (Becker et al., 2001).

Building an HR strategy and the future for HR professionals plays a significant role in most of the organization leading to market leadership in its area of interest which in most cases it is boosted by the capability of the organization under a successful HR strategy. It is also important in that all organizations whether dealing in services or products need the best human resource (HR) within its environ for delivery of search services or products that lead to constant flow from the organizations (Becker et al. 2001).


From the building of an HR strategy and the future for HR professionals, it is of much importance for all organizations to take heed of the critical steps for a successful HR strategy. Taking heed of the critical steps that would lead to a successful HR strategy would accrue the organizations with much importance as stated above in the article. Therefore, organizations need to put in place the most appropriate strategies that would benefit them in their activities.


Becker, B. E., Huselid, M. A., & Ulrich, D. (2001). The HR scorecard: Linking people, strategy, and performance. Harvard Business Press.


Impact of Standardized Terminologies on Practice

The paper is an article that will give an argument on standardized terminologies in practice. The paper will therefore expressly provide a discussion on how standardized terminology directly impacts my nursing practice by providing a rationale and one example which in this case I have used NANDA as one of the terminologies in the electronic health records

Standardized nursing terminologies refer to a body of the terms applied in nursing practice. There are numerous nursing terminologies which incorporate both informal and formal which are approved by an appropriate authority or by general consent. Fr this case I chose NANDA-I as one of the standardized terminologies in the field of nursing (Lunberg et al. 2008).

North American Nursing Diagnosis Association International, which is abbreviated as NANDA-I, has the role of identifying human responses to diseases, risks, health promotion or injury. The nurse in his or her full capacity uses a thinking process that is critical in diagnosing human responses mentioned above. The diagnosis undertook under NANDA- I incorporate interpretation of behaviors of human related to family, patient or the community health (Lunberg et al. 2008).

Under the electronic health records, nursing diagnosis provides the capability of nursing intervention selection to enable the achievement of results or rather outcomes which the health practitioner stands accountable hence an accurate diagnosis (Lunberg et al. 2008). Lastly, it is crucial to note that the standardized terminologies primarily NANDA-I provide essential benefits to both the organization, patient, nursing profession and the entire country. For the case of the patients, they benefit from the continued provision of care through the implementation of standardized terminologies which is achieved through improved communication between the health practitioners (Lunberg et al. 2008).


From the above discussion, we get to understand the impact of the standardized terminologies in practice especially in nursing where we come across numerous terminologies but narrows down to NANDA-I. The impact of the terminology in the nursing practice as stated above has benefits to both the patient nursing profession and the country in general.


Lundberg, C., Warren, J., Brokel, J., Bulechek, G., Butcher, H., McCloskey Dochterman, J., … & Spisla, C. (2008). Selecting a standardized terminology for the electronic health record that reveals the impact of nursing on patient care. Online journal of nursing informatics, 12(2).