What God has joined together: The Lord’s Definition of Marriage

The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on the aspect of “What God has joined together: The Lord’s Definition of Marriage”. The paper will particularly narrow down by discussing the following, “Creation established the equality of male and female,” and explain how this statement can be applied to marriage and family counseling today.

From the story of creation in the book of Genesis 1:26-28 we find much has been narrated about personhood, which is also important in that it brings the essence of equality of the female and male. The creation story in broader perspective brings out clearly the three principles of equality that relates to the creation of man as female and male. The first principle is biblical marriage reflects God’s image in the relationship of equals. The second principle is the female and male give a clear image of God in a balanced manner. Lastly, the third principle states that both female and male are commissioned to have equal authority.

The statement “Creation established the equality of male and female” in a broader perspective finds much of its application in marriage and family counseling today by putting into consideration the three above principles. From the first principle, it can be better used to give guidance to married couples that God in His words said: “Let us make Man.” Using a singular noun, in that case, clearly shows that marriage is a relationship between the equals and the couples need to take heed the aspect of marriage and do as anticipated by God.


The above discussion brings in the aspect of equality of God’s creation of both male and female. From the story of creation, the book of Genesis brings in the issue of equality in marriage that binds both male and female addition the three principles that articulates from the creation of man as female and male which in broader perspective we get to see its application in counseling of both family and married couples.


Laborers Local 829 Health and Welfare Plan:

From the case study titled “Laborers Local 829 Health and Welfare Plan: Testing Investments and Receivables” we try to depict the following

•    From the reading, we get to understand the aspect we get to understand the function of laborers local 829 health and welfare plan in broader perspective, in that it serves as a provider of multi-employer health care for construction members.

•    Under local 829 laborers, we get to understand the two unions that incorporate employee activity fund and health benefits fund that provides skilled construction laborers with benefits such as dental, medical, and pharmaceutical under health benefits fund. On the other hand, employee activity fund incorporates sick-leave benefits to the employees.

•    From the case study, we also get to understand different posts with their functions in their respective fields. For example, the union administrator has the responsibility of plan management and provision of fund financial information to the scheme participants. Also, he or she has the duty of supervising people maintaining accounting records and cash receipts and payments.

•     The case study in broader perspective articulates that for the health benefits fund, employer contributions are determined by negotiated hourly charge multiplied by the total number of hours a member works on aa construction firm weekly.

•    The other aspect that one can depict from the case study is that aspect that contractor-employers pay salaries direct to the employees. On the other hand, the union office does ensure that dental, medical, and pharmaceutical expenses of the union members are settled with immediate effect.

•    From the case study, we also find that in the previous year funding of the employee activity fund was retrieved from contractor-employers whom we are made to understand that withheld a small portion of member salaries and paid it to the fund.

•     From the fund, we also note that they were later issued out to the members to cater for their medical expenses that made them not to get the salaries as anticipated.

•    The aspect of testing investments as indicated in the case study from 1998,1999 and 1997 it’s important to take into consideration the point of purchase and sales which should show some conformity and should agree with the schedules.

•    Under the aspect of testing receivables, it is of much concern to note that the case study tries to enlighten the reader in a broader perspective by stating that receivables are due from contractors who are entitled to employ members on the construction projects.

•    Lastly, from the case study, we also find scenario arising that what if the employee is not working after two weeks who becomes responsible for the payments, which from the case study we clearly get that the union members are therefore required to make self-payments to the health benefits fund or it gets terminated.


Hogan,, T., Seltz, W., & Bierstaker, J. (2001). Laborers Local 829 Health and Welfare Plan: Testing Investments and Receivables.


PHR (Personal Health Record)

Personal health record abbreviated as PHR refers to a tool that one can use for the purpose of collecting, tracking and sharing information about the current and past about your health. The paper will therefore in full capacity give the pros and cons of having a personal health record (PHR). Lastly, the paper will give whether the patient portal is preferable and why.


From the use of personal health records, individuals do limit persons who can visit their personal health records online, therefore, a great deal for the patient. The second advantage is limiting the amount of personal information accessible to people. Third the use of PHR also leads to many different types of individuals reaching your information which includes your physician, pharmacists, and more so the insurance company. Lastly, it is of more significance since the doctor, or rather the health practitioner can access the PHR online anytime it is required.


From the use of the PHR, we find that there are no federal laws enforced stopping people from selling or sharing personal health records to marketing agencies without the consent of the patient. The other disadvantage that articulates is that it is damn expensive for its implementation into the health care facility since it approximately costs $30,000. Lastly, it has been noted that privacy settings in a personal health record (PHR) has not been developed fully.

Would you prefer a patient portal, and why?

I would prefer a patient portal in the health sector in that the implementation has benefited both provider workflow and patient care in health care industry. Just to give the benefits, we get that call volume has drastically gone down as the patients use the portals.

Work cited

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Sports Finance summary and critique

The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on a case study titled “sports sentiment and stock returns. The article particularly will first have a summary of the case study on the first part and later give critiques of the study especially by giving the strengths and weakness of the study.

Part one summary

The case study in broader perspective tries as much as possible to look into the stock market reaction to changes in the investor’s mood. The study which was carried out in approximately 39 countries globally shows that losses in international soccer matches have statistical and economical negative impact on the losing country’s stock market. From the case study, the researchers also articulate that soccer results have been demonstrated to have some effects on the moods of the investors but have a less economic impact. The other aspect that also articulates its self in the case study is that much effect of soccer loss is more pronounced in the countries where soccer is of much significance as compared to other activities that boost the economy. Lastly, from the case study, the researchers also found that the small stocks majorly realize the effect of soccer loss. For the case of small stocks, it has been concluded that it is very sensitive to investor sentiments and held by local investors whose moods are affected by the results of the national team. Therefore, they get the better part of the effects. From the case study, we, therefore, get to understand the aspect of investor’s mood and stock returns which the case study has explicitly shown that moods can have a large effect on the stock returns of a particularly country.

Part two critique

From the case study, it is of great concern to note that to a broader perspective the research was fully equipped in that it was undertaken in almost 39 countries globally. From the case study, therefore, the findings are of great importance since the area covered in the study is more adequate for the research which stands as the strengths of the study. On the other hand, the weakness realized from the case study is that it was channeled on the aspect of sports in that it did not put into consideration the other aspects that can also lead to an impact on stock returns of the respective country.


From the case study, we get much from the aspect of market relation to the investor’s mood in a broader dimension. It is also of much significance since it enlightens the reader in that one comes to understand the effect investors’ mood has on the stock return especially the small stocks as articulated in the article.

Work cited

Edmonds, A., & Garcia, D. (2016). Sports sentiment and sports return.


change by design

The article is a thought paper that will base its discussion on change by design. The reading is based on chapter one titled “getting under your skin, or how design thinking is about more than style” and chapter two titled “Converting need into demand or putting people first”.

From the first chapter, we come across Shimano, which is one of the leading bicycle components manufacturers in Japan. The chapter in broader perspective gives much about the status of the company as dated in the year 2004 when the company was experiencing flattening growth in its mountain bike segments in the United States of America. Even though the company invested heavily in new technology in their production, the competition was very stiff that led to their merge with the IDEO.

The two combination that was between Shimano and IDEO to greater extent resulted in their efforts to explore the changing terrain of the cycling market. At their initial phase of joint venturing, we get to understand that they organized themselves into teams or rather groups such as a team of designers, marketers, engineers and behavioral scientists. These teams specifically had the task of identifying constraints that might hinder the project in progress.

Lastly from the first chapter we get that the joint ventured companies that are Shimano and IDEO did much research on why approximately 90% of the American citizens do not ride bicycles and from their exploration they articulated some specific reasons such as some roads are not designed for cyclists amongst the other reason. From their research, the joint company came up with a concrete solution such as the coasting bikes which were used previously by making more modification. Hence, from the efforts of the two merged companies much on getting under your skin prevails all through as anticipated by the author.

Chapter two of the article titled “Converting need into demand or putting people first” refers us back to research for a project on office telephone system some several years ago. From the research, in an interview with a travel agent, it was found that the agent had a problem with the Telephone system in her company in that she called each party on a separate Telephone and arrayed each receiver around her working desk.

From the chapter, we also come across the aspect of insight where individuals learn from the lives of other. As we can see from the chapter that insight stands out as the primary source of design thinking in that for a designer to get the facts from what he or she sees from the human activities. The other aspect that is of more importance in the chapter is observation which involves listening to what people do not say and watch what they do not do. The other aspect that articulates in the article which is of more importance is empathy which involves standing in the shoes of other individuals.

  • From the reading of both chapters especially the first chapter, one gets to understand in broader perspective how important is merging of the companies? From the aspect of merging companies, we get that both brings up their strengths and weaknesses together and come up with inspirational ideas from shareholders or rather stakeholders from either side.
  • How the readings teach as about design?  Referring to the readings in chapter one and two, the aspect of design has been discussed in a broader perspective in that design entails some issues that an individual as a designer need to take into account. These issues are such as observation which incorporates listening to what people do not say and watching what people do not do. As a designer, it is also critical to take into account the aspect of insight which refers to learning from the lives of others.


From the discussion, we get that the two chapters give details on the aspect of being a designer. From both chapters, we get to understand much on what the designer needs to take into account such as insights which involve learning from others. The other aspect that articulates from the readings is observation.  Lastly, the first chapter brings in the importance of merging two or more companies in that in most cases perfects the performance of the respective merged companies as we can see from the case of IDEO and Shimano.

Work cited

Brown, T. (2009). Change by design.


Value of Philosophy to the society

Philosophy in simple terms refers to the rational investigation of the principles of knowledge, being or conduct and truths. Philosophy entails three branches namely moral philosophy, metaphysical philosophy and natural philosophy. This paper, therefore, will narrow down by giving the value of philosophy to the society as a whole.

In a broader perspective, the field of philosophy has a significant role in the society. As we can retrieve some of the practical value of philosophy, we get aspects such as critical thinking. Under the aspect of critical thinking, it is true that critical thinking takes a significant role in most of the activities that human participate or undertakes in the society, therefore, it is through philosophy that one can be a real thinker.

From the study of philosophy, we come to “knowledge of society” which is under the philosophy of social sciences. Narrowing down to the aspect of “knowledge of society” the questions that arises are epistemological such as how reliable is the knowledge offered by the social sciences. The other issues are methodological such as what methods are well suited to society study. Therefore, learning philosophy contributes to the development of perceptions and theories about these questions hence leading to concrete solutions to the community.

Another value of philosophy to the society is the normative social philosophy which entails the theory of human well-being, and justice. For the case of normative social philosophy, it is of great concern to note that the philosopher brings some organized thinking about ethical theory, values and some facts of human social arrangements that leads to the well-being of the society.

Philosophy also helps the Society in making important decisions such as the use of new technology which incorporates stem cells and bioengineering. In most cases we find that many people do turn to religion to seek guidance to solve some of their issues, but it comes to a situation when religion cannot provide technical guidance. At this stage philosophy proves to be of more importance since it grows with new knowledge as compared to religion which is tied to the past. In addition to this, philosophy is also a firm foundation for building important personal things which are inclusive of faith, career and relationships amongst human nature in the society.

Studying philosophy in a broader perspective brings in the aspect of understanding and tolerance. From the point of understanding and tolerance, we find that a person is less likely to pass ideas on others and in most of the cases would take some more time before he or she makes a decision or fight over belief differences. Also, studying philosophy also helps individuals make clarities on what they believe and take precautions as per their anticipation.


The study of philosophy as discussed above has significant roles in the society. From the three branches of philosophy that are metaphysical, natural and moral philosophy we get to understand how the application of philosophy enhances human understanding. Also, as stated above, philosophy helps individuals to think critically on some of the issues that they experience in the society. Lastly, the study of philosophy impacts numerous influences on our everyday lives in that the language we speak uses philosophical classifications therefore it is of much importance for individuals to take into account the aspect of philosophy into action.

Work cited

DeLanda, M. (2006). A new philosophy of society. London: Continuum, 635.


Introduction to philosophy and ethics

The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on the reading titled “The Ring of Gyges,” by Plato. The paper will mainly give a general comment on the book and later give a response from the reading of the book.

Comment on the reading

From the reading, the author succeeds in bringing out the aspect of egoism as articulated in the book. The author that is Plato, sets up egoism in that if an individual has what we call magic that makes him invisible then whether wrong or just he or she would show some selfish character of doing things he wants without the fear of getting punished.


From the book titled “Ring of Gyges” by Plato, we come across Glaucon, who is a character in the book. The author that is Plato, brings in the aspect of why do most people act justly through the character’s arguments which state that if you take a keen look at what people are in general there is a belief that doing wrong is desirable and suffering wrong tends to be undesirable. Also, since the human nature do not want to suffer he or she would do anything that suits him or her regardless of the receiving end. Glaucon further concludes in his statement that every human would accept Justice reason is that they are weak, and one with power would successfully carry out misdeeds.

The author also in his article gives the tale of the ring of Gyges to support Glaucon claim. From the tale, the character introduces us to a shepherd by the name Gyges who finds a magical ring of invisibility that was trapped in a strange bronze horse exposed by the earthquake. Using the ring, the shepherd seduces the queen whom we find the shepherd succeeding in the murder of the king through the queen’s help and takes control of the king’s wealth. From the tale we clearly get the concept of egoism as anticipated by the author in that when an individual is just or unjust but gets himself into the situation of doing something unjust without being caught, and then the person will take a quick action.

Additionally, from the book we also get to understand the aspect of morality which in broader perspective people get to be an excuse. As anticipated by the author we get much of the story bringing in the aspect of morality being something people abiding to only because of the repercussions if they do not. Therefore, given the opportunity to get away with the immorality human would use power for their gain.


From the book titled “The Ring of Gyges,” by Plato, we get enlightened on the aspect of egoism and self-centered. Glaucon, a character in the story, tries to put more emphasis on the aspect of just and unjust by giving a tale of the ring of Gyges. Gyges, who is a shepherd being in a position of having an invisible ring, he seduced the queen and later kill the king for self-gain. Lastly, the article as anticipated by the author also brings in the aspect of morality in that human are bound to abide by the moral ways since the repercussions are well known but if given the opportunity would use it for their self-gain.

Work Cited

Copp, D. (2009). The ring of Gyges: Overridingness and the unity of reason. Social Philosophy and Policy, 14(01), 86-106.


Cybersecurity in the News

The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on the aspect of Cybersecurity. The paper will mainly narrow down by giving a summary of the current news on Cybersecurity.

From the current news on Cybersecurity, we find that website administration firm cPanel was hacked over the weekend which led to the exposure of contact information that entails customer’s name, encrypted passwords and their contact details. The hacking that occurred over the weekend led to the public exposure of confidential information of the clients.

The impact of cybersecurity intrusion events in the computer security industry. 

From the practice of hacking we get that much information on the respective company becomes vulnerable in the hands of irresponsible individuals whom would lead to much destruction or rather a downfall of the respective industry. From the experience of these hacking scenarios companies have come with strategies that if employed effectively would reduce to some extent if not wiping it completely.

It is, therefore, an urge for all enterprises to apply the aspect of the whitelisting application to help prevent malicious software and unauthorized programs from running. The other strategy is patching of applications such as PDF viewers, Flash, Microsoft Office, and Java. Also, to this, it is also vital to patch the operating system which will enhance its protection from vulnerabilities for some period. Lastly, it is of more significance to apply restrictions to privileges regarding the administration operating systems and applications.


From the article, we get much on the aspect of cyber security which now stands to be a significant threat to the ICT operations in the most of the industries and companies. As we can see from the discussion about the recent practice of hacking that was undertaken over the weekend on one of the firms by the name cPanel. From the action, we get the company being more vulnerable to malicious activities. Therefore, it is a recommendation for businesses to take into account the strategies above for its security.

Work cited, (2016). Website admin cPanel hacked, loses a bunch of folks’ contact details. Retrieved 28 January 2016, from


Cheap labor debate

Many individuals have different views on the aspect of Cheap labor debate with disregard and disrespect in most of the cases. For example, we find the authors of “sweatshops” that is Norman Bowie and Dennis Arnold have a belief that multinational enterprises are responsible for some objectives. The paper, therefore, is an essay that will base its discussion on the aspect of Cheap labor debate. The paper will mainly give more details on the issue of Cheap labor by giving the importance of cheap labor, especially to the economy. Also, the paper will be on the supporting side by giving as much reasons as to why cheap labor is of much importance.

From most of the research carried out in most of the countries, we find that the aspect of cheap labor in broader perspective has numerous advantages as compared to the disadvantages. Cheap labor has been found suitable for the economy in that cheap labor helps in decreasing the price of goods that are produced within the economy of the respective countries that are exercising or rather practicing this concept. The other aspect that makes cheap labor more valuable is that the prices of goods are reduced to suit the standards of living of the citizens in that goods will be sold at lower prices. Hence, more people will have the chance of purchasing more goods hence a boost to the economy.

Still in the aspect of economy companies or rather industries by using fewer expenses in labor, they will realize more profit in that more goods will be produced as anticipated by the companies. For this case, we find that as the company invests less on labor more goods will be circulating in the market which will also lead to a high increase in employees’ salaries that enhances more buying and a cycle of endless economic success would be realized.

Additionally, the aspect of cheap labor also has an added advantage in that it allows citizens to work if they feel like doing so. For this case the person has no excuse for not going to work if they want in that everyone can get work at any time will have herself or himself a job and work. Hence, it is considered good for the economy.

On the other hand, the aspect of cheap labor to some extent if not applied as anticipated would lead to adverse impacts on the economy in that it will cause some effects on taxpayers and this would result in the fall of the economy of the particular country. The best example that has been realized is of fast food workers many of which qualifies for food stamps. Hence, some individuals would not understand its impacts in a broader perspective.


From the Cheap labor debate, we get that numerous advantages makes it of more importance to the economy. For example, implementation of the aspect of cheap labor in the economy would lead to more production of goods which most likely will be sold at reasonable and low prices hence, more people would get to purchase themselves the goods in large numbers. Buying in large numbers means that the business becomes lucrative which goes hand in hand with the accrual of large profits by the company. Therefore, it is of much importance to take into account the aspect of cheap labor in that there will be a consistent flow of cash in the economy hence it becomes more stable as compared to other countries’ economy which has not implemented cheap labor into their economy.

Work cited

Safa, H. I. (2008). Runaway shops and countries economy: The search for cheap labor. Signs, 418-433.

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The article is an essay that will base its discussion on Statoil case study. The article particularly will give a summary of the case study which in broader perspective takes into account Statoil’s IT step incorporating distributing technology.

Statoil, in this case, refers to the Norwegian state’s oil company which has approximately 15,000 employees. The company is entitled with activities involving aspects of upstream and downstream oil exploration, it also produces and distributes oil mainly in the North Sea. Back in the year 1996, we find that the company projected to a total of $15 billion as their total revenue from its production and distribution activities. From the case, we find the management under the leadership of Einar Eng thought of a recommendation to steer the committee for information technology (IT) which stands to be a major initiative of boosting the employees’ knowledge of IT and their ability to use the technology especially for business and personal advantage.

From the company’s objectives and aims, it had realized that in the future it will heavily rely on increased productivity through the use of innovation and technology rather than the aspect of cost leadership. Statoil further was prompted by a union that suggested about their subsidizing home PC’s, which triggered the urge of developing the information technology sector and business skills of the employees. From all these suggestions the management team, therefore, decide on some steps which involved the provision of state of the art multimedia home PC with a free internet connection through ISDN and a printer which was signed and agreed by the CEO herald Norvik.

From the provision of state of the art multimedia home PC with the free internet, we found that there were some questions which articulated such as what kind of employees should benefit from the information technology step and what should Statoil ask in return of the workers to the IT step. To solve these questions, for the case of a return, this always depends on how much the recipient would see the value of the step in his or her daily duties using the IT step. Therefore, it is of much recommendation for companies that mostly deals with the aspect of technology in their day-to-day operations to take into account the aspect of IT as an issue that would determine their development in the future.

Work Cited

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