Subject: Why the company should pursue an internship program

In most cases, companies do fail to realize that hiring interns can be important to the host. Some employers often think that it is not worth it to hire and train interns because they will only remain in the company for a short period. However, it is worth noting that various companies often use interns for activities that full-time employees would perform at a high cost. It means that having interns can help an organization in performing activities that they could either outsource or hire a full-time employee. Therefore, in terms of cost, running an internship program is less costly, especially when the company wanted to hire some full-time employees.

Various benefits often come with offering internship programs. To begin with, an internship program is beneficial, especially if the company wants to expand its operations and needs new faces to help in the process. In the course of the program, some interns might turn out to be valuable and a great resource for the company. Thus, the company takes the initiative to tap the intern and make him or her part of the team. It is viable to hire interns who understand the company’s culture and operations than a fresh employee. It will force the company to train a new employee on the company’s values, ethics, and operations before they start working.

Even when a company is not looking to expand its full-time employees, hiring interns is a strategy of increasing brand recognition. Providing a good experience to a student or young professional, a company stand a chance to heighten the reputation and improve their goodwill. For instance, using word of mouth, social media platforms, and other online sites, interns will bring high traffic to a company’s site. In addition, the interns will assist in building a company’s reputation as a good employer, improving its positive image in public. Therefore, having an internship program can market a company, particularly in the social sector. 

Moreover, I found a legal provision regarding the payment of interns. One aspect is the type of company receiving the services, and the other is the nature of work. The labor board has the following provisions. Whether the job is full-time or temporal, interns are offering services freely, or through volunteer work, both the employees, interns, and company cannot ignore the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The parties cannot decline the act through an agreement between employers, employees, and interns. In regards to this, I think interns should be paid to motivate them as they work.

An internship program is not only important to the students but also the host organization. Because of the various benefits that come with this program, I think it is vital for the company to run the program. In addition, I would like to recommend that if interns are doing good work, the company should appreciate them through payment even when they have agreed to offer free services for a company. Paying the interns will motivate them to work harder and appreciate the company more. Therefore, I think the internship program is beneficial to our company, especially in terms of achieving a good reputation. I hope you will agree and allow the company to run the program.


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