Bouncing ball project

The paper is an essay that will give a discussion on the bouncing ball project that was an experiment in the physic laboratory. The article will specifically give a paraphrase of the bouncing ball project according to the experiment.

The main objective or rather the purpose of the experiment is to determine the relationship between time and height which is represented by the arithmetic symbol , which in broader perspective we would like to see whether time is either directly proportional or inversely proportional to height.

From the experiment or rather the project the equipment that were used are such as a tennis ball that was used as a bouncing ball, measuring tape which was pinned on the wall to determine the height of the wall which in our case was 3m. On the other hand, the stop watch served the purpose of recording every six readings to determine the time taken for each bounce from 0.5m to 3m.

The above representation was the experiment outcomes as it was undertaken in the physics laboratory and the function of the graph would be h=Kt2, whereby t represents the variable time, K is the gradient and lastly H represents the variable height. The graph of the experiment therefore takes the shape below.

From the graph we can therefore conclude that time taken for six bounces of the ball is directly proportional to the dropping height of the bouncing ball.


Height = 3-0.5 (cm) = 2.5 cm

Time for six bounces are 6 seconds

In finding the gradient or rather the slope we therefore make K the subject of the formula which from the formula:


Time (t2) = H/K…… (1)

K (slope or gradient) = H(height)/Time(t2) ……. (2)

Therefore, from our experiment = k = 2.5cm/62s

Hence, the calculation becomes 0.0694 cms-2


From the experiment we therefore come to a conclusion that the time of six bounces of a bouncing ball is directly proportional to the dropping height of the bouncing ball.


Tufillaro, N.B. and Albano, A.M., 2006. Chaotic dynamics of a bouncing ball. Am. J. Phys, 54(10), pp.939-944.


Successful students with learning disabilities

The paper is an essay that will base its argument on the aspect of Successful students with learning disabilities. As an educator, it is of much concern to get to know the concept or rather the learning strategies that are more appropriate for ensuring that the students with the learning disabilities are just as successful as the able students. The paper, therefore, will give the best reason as to why the information is of more use to me as an educator.

Learning disabilities has been a problem in most of the schools across the world not only in the United States. The specific learning disabilities in most cases are such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dysculia and ADHD just to mention a few (Vaughn et al.  2005). Dyslexia, in this case, affects the reading and related language-based processing skills of the student. As an educator it is of much importance to getting to note the signs and symptoms of the disorder which are such as the student experiencing spelling problem, difficulties with handwriting, reads slowly and painfully (Vaughn et al.  2005).

As an educator after noting some of these signs and symptoms it’s advisable to provide specified strategies for the particular student such as the provision of a calm and quite area for reading and maybe answering questions (Vaughn et al.  2005). Also, it is advisable to allow the use of books on tapes, use of books or rather articles with large print and also provide the original copy of the lecturer notes amongst the strategies (Vaughn et al.  2005).

Dysgraphia being one of the learning disabilities affects a student’s ability to write and fine motor skills. The signs and symptoms of the disorder are such as slow copying or writing of articles, poor planning on the paper, shows inconsistencies such as mixtures of lower and upper case, irregular shapes and sizes of letters. Under the Dysgraphia disorder, the other sign is difficulty in pre-visualizing formation of letters (Vaughn et al.  2005).

As an educator after noting these signs, it is advisable to help the student applying strategies incorporating suggestion of word processor use, allow the use of oral exams. It is also of great concern for the educator to provide outlines and notes to reduce the amount of writing that is required of the students (Vaughn et al.  2005).

Dysculia as a learning disability refers to poor math symbols which lead to struggling with organizing and memorizing numbers. For this case, the signs and symptoms of this disorder are the students showing some difficulties in understanding concepts such as quantity, positive and negative values, place value and number lines (Vaughn et al.  2005). The other noted sign and symptom are the difficulty to understand and tackle word problems. For such cases, it is advisable for the educator to allow the student use his or her fingers in solving problems. It is also advisable for the educator to suggest the use of graph paper, and diagrams especially in mathematics (Vaughn et al.  2005).

Lastly, the other disorder that is among the learning disabilities is ADHD. ADHD, in this case, refers to the difficulty of the student staying focused and being attentive for a long time. For ADHD, it always becomes apparent for most students especially in preschool and early years in school (Vaughn et al.  2005). As an educator it is of much interest to take a keen interest in such students and the most appropriate strategy for such cases is allow the use of pictures, diagrams in solving problems and in a learning environment to keep them tied to what is being taught or rather read (Vaughn et al.  2005).


As an educator, we find that the research plays an important role that helps with critical information on helping the students with learning disabilities to be successful just as the other able students. From the strategies that are mentioned above, we find that the application of these strategies would enhance the success of the students in both education and later in their life. It is therefore of much concern as an educator to take heed of the strategies applicable to the various learning disabilities (LD) for the success of the students with learning disabilities.


Vaughn, S., & Schumm, J. S. (2005). Responsible inclusion for students with learning disabilities. Journal of learning disabilities, 28(5), 264-270.


Max Haveelar

The paper is an essay that will base its discussion in giving a response to an article reading titled Max Haveelar published back in the year 1860 in Amsterdam.


Even though the character introduced in the novel by the name show his generosity to other individuals, the character still takes a two side view that is Anti-Multatulians and Multatulians. The anti multatulians on their side of view perceives the practice as first of Dekker’s many financial debacles while on the side of the multatulians takes it in the sense that he did it to reach out for the help of a friend, and that is all.

From the article despite the view of the anti-multatulians and the multatulians, we get to find that the author gives as how much the character has gone regarding his progress in life, which has been built up with his courage and risk taking in life (MEIJER, 2001). Also, from the author’s perspective, it is of much interest that we see the character getting appointments even without recommendation which shows how much he was dedicated to his duties or rather the previous task therefore from these we get to understand that anti-multatulians are wrong to some extent ass compared with the multatulians (MEIJER, 2001).

From the article, we also come to some posts that were held by different European officials which therefore leads to the question of what functions the officials played in their various jobs. As for the Governor-general he as the task of counterchecking the other junior officials in their respective dockets such as the bookkeeper, store manager and tax collector within his jurisdiction (MEIJER, 2001). The other European official revealed in the text is the minister for colonies who had the task of appointing and re-appointing individuals to respective positions under the colonial administration (MEIJER, 2001).

Reading of the article or rather a novel brings to the question of What is Multatuli’s opinion of his character Droogstoppel? What part of the colonial relationship does Droogstoppel represent? From the author’s perspective, we get that Multatuli’s opinion on droogstoppel is that droogstoppel is a caricature and a self- centered character who would behave morally in the eyes of the public but real sense corrupt (MEIJER, 2001). From the novel the part the droogstoppel play in the colonial relationship is corruption. The author of the book displays the rotten character of droogstoppel by bringing in Dekker’s efforts in fighting the rotten character such as fighting for the coffee trade that marginalized most of the Javanese (MEIJER, 2001).


From the reading, we get to understand the endeavors that were gone through by the character that is Dekker. Dekker in the novel as anticipated by the author is seen going through so many challenges even though he succeeds in his life even though the weaknesses he had such as eccentricity which even lead to his sanction from his job.


MEIJER, P. (2001). Max Haveelar.


Construction specification

The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on the aspect of construction specification. The paper will specifically narrow down into giving responses to the articulated questions such as what is construction specification institute, what is a master format and lastly give the benefits of the previous questions to the construction industry.

What is Construction Specification Institute?

The construction specification Institute sometimes abbreviated as (CSI) refers to an organization that refurbishes and keeps the standardization of the construction language regarding building specifications. The Construction Specification Institute (CSI) in their full capacity provides guidelines for writing the specification in most project resource manual (Kalin et al. 2011).

What is Master Format?

Master format as used or rather applied in the building institution mostly in Canada and the united states refers to a standard that is used for specification organization and other information in written format for institutional building projects and commercial cases (Kalin et al. 2011).

Benefits of construction specification Institute and master format in the construction industry.

Both the master format and construction specification Institute serve the construction industry with numerous advantages or rather importance (Kalin et al. 2011). From the two aspects, we find that it benefits the construction industry to avoid delays in project development which in this case the master format will be readily available to the designing team at the specified or rather required time (Kalin et al. 2011).

The other benefit that construction specification Institute and master format have in the building industry is minimizing of repetitive work or rather tasks. Using the master format to a greater extent helps the industry to keep away doing one task for several times hence the operations of the industry more so the construction industry to achieve its anticipated goal (Kalin et al. 2011).


From the article, we get to understand the aspect of construction specification by taking into consideration construction specification (CSI) and master format. The article explicitly defines the two aspects into details and later give the benefits of the two aspects as they apply to the construction industry. It is therefore of many recommendations for the industries especially the construction industry to put into implementation the two aspects.


Introductory assignment EPI

The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on the aspects such as an overview of my exploration of my local health department which in this case is California department of public health (CDPH), defining the epidemiology and public health. The paper will also look into two milestones in public health.

Overview of my local public health department exploration

From my local exploration, it came across the vision and mission of California department of public health (CDPH). Their vision in this case is healthy families and individuals in a healthful community and society. On the other hand, CDPH mission is dedicating themselves to optimize the health and people well-being in California. Under the California public health department, we find that it is categorized into programs, health information, and services. The programs under the public health department provide links to CDPH programs from both A-Z index and organizational views. Services, on the other hand, provides information on CPDH activities including activities such as preventive, outreach, and clinical work. Lastly health information offers variety of topics such as specific conditions and diseases, family health which involves prenatal care, newborns, pregnancy, adolescent health, and children.

Epidemiology and public health

Epidemiology in simple terms refers to the study of disease determinants and distribution in populations. On the other hand, public health refers to the organized and united efforts of the society or rather the community to prevent illness and promote health standards to the respective population. Taking into account the relationship between epidemiology and public health from the California department of public health we come to understand that epidemiology is defined as the basic science of public health.

Two milestones in public health

From the exploration, the most significant milestones that are fought in the department of public health includes vaccination and eradication of small pox which has been a song all the way from our infancy stage at a tender age. Environmental health also falls under the milestones that are fought by the public health department globally.


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Synopsis of Research Studies

The paper will base its discussion on two research studies which are “adoption of HACCP system in the Chinese food industry” and “effect of introducing FSMS on the microbiological quality of small restaurant meals”. The paper will particularly narrow down into discussing some aspects that articulate in the two research studies as follows.

What type of research?

To respond to the question, first it is of much importance to getting to distinguish the quantitative and qualitative types of research. Qualitative research study refers to the exploratory study in that it gains its use in understanding the critical opinions, motivations and also helps in developing insights into the problem and hypothesis for a potential research. On the other hand, quantitative research gets its application in quantifying the problem by the generation of numeric data that is transformed into useable statistics.

From the two research studies, we find that both applies quantitative approach type of research study. From the two research study that is adoption of Hazards analysis critical control point in the Chinese food industry and the effect of introducing Food safety management systems (FSMS) on microbiological quality of small restaurant meals we get that study on the two research tries to give the generalized results from a larger sample, the two study research also brings in the aspect of quantifying attitudes , behaviours and opinions of different stakeholders in the various small food businesses or rather restaurant.

What was the research question(s) or hypothesis?

In most cases the researchers do randomly select what we term as the focus group. The focus group for example in the research on HACCP adoption in the Chinese food industry and the effects of FSMS ins small food businesses, the focus group was made of food enterprise managers who were interviewed and the information gathered acted the source of survey questions.

The questions under both HACCP and FSMS involved basic or rather general questions about the food enterprises and their managing team. The second part of the questions included the knowledge about HACCP and FSMS system amongst the industries and if other systems have been implemented before regarding food safety and hygiene. And the last part of the questions was related to external factors and motives that may affect the system adoption in the food industry.

What is the sample, the sample size, and sample attributes?

A sample in any research refers to a portion of the population or rather participants that are targeted in a study. The sample size is the number of targeted participants as we can get from the HACCP adoption research we find that the sample size was eight and food safety management systems research was ten who were taken through a process known as random selection, lastly, the sample attributes in the research is responding to the questions giving out their opinions about the system and their views on how the system has changed the food industry for example.

What was the setting of the study?

From the first research that is HACCP adoption, the setting of the study was based in the Chinese nation which was channeled to Chinese food industry. On the other hand, the setting of the research was undertaken in the United Kingdom small food restaurants.

What were the researcher’s findings?

The researchers of the HACCP adoption out of the 117 responds were found usable. 51 respondents were from food enterprises who had not adopted HACCP system into the operation system, and the remaining 66 respondents were gathered from enterprises who had fully implemented fully the operation of HACCP system and were at their peak accruing the benefits of the system.


Jin, S., Ye, J., & Zhou, J. (2013). Adoption of HACCP system in the Chinese food industry: A comparative analysis.

Walke, E., Forsythe, S., & Pritchard, C. (2015). Food handlers hygiene knowledge in small food businesses.


Discussion Reply Comments

The paper is an essay that will base its discussion by giving an agreement comment for each of the discussion that was performed the previous week.

Discussion one agreement comment

From the first discussion, it is true that things have changed as they were in the past years or rather as they are expected to be. The change in these situations is as a result of the change in time, people who are the new generation and education. From the example, we get in the discussion it is true that of one gets to hit you it’s obvious that one will get to hit back. Furthermore, in the discussion we get the example of the pretty girl and the gentleman of course the gentleman would not react back due to the current trend of solving issues.

Discussion two agreement comment

From the discussion, it is a fact that truth and reality is a concept or thought. Truth in most cases is the correct reflection of the objective things and their laws, it is also believed that truth is the people idealization, therefore, in most cases when people feel it is correct then it is a feeling that this is the truth. However, truth for one person would not be the same to other individual’s in that people do differ in perception, and this brings the difference in thoughts of what is true and not true.

Discussion three agreement comment

From the third discussion, we come across the ideology of Zenger and Folkman on personal development in broader perspective. Zenger and Folkman conclusion Zenger and Folkman coincides with Gardner’s statement which states that if the strength is far more conspicuous, then the flaws will be forgiven. The other fact that articulates in the discussion is that conspicuous power is usually stronger especially at the workplace which leads to the creation of halo effect. Also, the halo effect of the enormous strength is real, and each has come to its experience.


Zenger, & Folkman (2009). The extraordinary leader-turning good managers into great leader. McGraw-Hill.


Business ethics short case study

The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on matters regarding ethics especially in the field of business. The paper will particularly narrow down on a case study that involves me as a counselor and a client by the name Irwin.

From the definition of ethics as it applies to all disciplines or rather profession is a branch of philosophy that involves recommending and defending concepts of right and wrong conducts of individuals within their professions. For my case as a counselor to Irwin and from the assessment have come to understand Irwin better from my professional ethics it does not allow me to give what does not comply with the results. The response to the question is that I will give the honest assessment of Irwin to the head of Human Resource department at the company.

It is of much importance in every profession for the professionals to be frank with their work. For this case after giving the honest assessment of Irwin, I will urge the company to have him employed since he has shown some positive improvements. From this act, I will have helped both parties to greater extent since the company will employ someone they will have known for that case. On the other hand, my obligations to Irwin, who is my client I would give him hope in that as the results indicate he needs to see psychotherapy which he would benefit even much better for his condition, especially low self-esteem. For this step of visiting a psychotherapy, I will try as much as possible to get to understand the importance it as much as it is concerned with the job he intends to take or rather in his other activities that would bring many benefits to him. Self-esteem, as we can get or rather understand, is the driving motive for a human being, especially at their workplace.

For Irwin after getting to his attention and explaining for him the importance of being honest which at first he would not get to understand as to why I am doing that because what he wants is getting a job. Helping such a person it will be critical to getting to his attention calm him down and tell him that the company knowing his current status will be a great deal. Since they will have known him, they will employ him. Also giving a false information on my side will later give a bad reputation on my career since all blames will be on my side giving them one I knew very well will let them down.


From the case study involving Irwin as a client and me as a counselor, it is of much importance to put into consideration professional ethics into action. Considering the aspect of ethics will on one way or the other disadvantage one party or even all. For this case giving an honest assessment of the head of human resource to some extent will disadvantage Irwin according to the take of the company. Also from the other end of the company it is of higher possibility that the head of human resource will play his part and most probably will employ Irwin after giving him the progress of my client.


Welfel, Elizabeth. Ethics in counseling & psychotherapy. Cengage Learning, 2015.


Applying Research in Correctional Settings

The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on innovations in correctional assessment and treatment. The paper will further narrow down on how the results of the study might apply in a correctional setting and lastly consider how a forensic psychology professional might use the results in a correctional setting.

For this case correctional setting refers to one of the components of the criminal justice system dedicated to improving the safety of the public by transforming offenders to become law-abiding individuals under human and secure exercising control. The research study shows that a good number of the offenders or rather the confined individuals are undergoing some medical disorders. From the results, it is of much importance to introduce the offenders through a mental-health- delivery system which involves the efforts of a psychiatrist including pharmacotherapy and psychosocial that includes group or individual counselling at the correctional departments.

Forensic psychology on the other hand, refers to the merger of psychology and law. Forensic psychology professional in broader perspective plays the role of preventing and punishing offenders. For this case, a forensic psychology professional would use the results in a correctional setting to identify why the offender had to take the action and what type of the offenders can involve themselves in such criminal activities regarding gender and maybe age. After getting the results, it is the duty of the forensic professionals to prevent the individual or rather an offender from committing such crime in the future.


From the aspect of innovations in correctional assessment and treatment, it is found that most of the offenders of criminal activities are citizens who are mentally ill and are not aware of the actions they undertake. It is, therefore, appropriate to understand them after which would lead to a better approach to solving such issues in the correctional setting or rather administration.

Work cited

Ax, R. K., Fagan, T. J., Magaletta, P. R., Morgan, R. D., Nussbaum, D., & White, T. W. (2007). Innovations in correctional assessment and treatment. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 34(7), 893-905.

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Virtue and happiness

The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on Aristotle argument on virtue and ethics. The discussion will particularly narrow down to an example of my aunt story who is planning to transfer funds donated by the public to her personal account for her benefits.

From this example, we get to understand the aspect of virtue and happiness in a broader perspective. According to the story of my aunt we get that from her side she anticipates to get happiness in the most awkward way. From Aristotle perspective, he believes that happiness lies within the self-sufficient and final end. The reasoning behind this perception is that every human is towards for some adorable end, and every action that is undertaken by the individual is controlled by the desire to reach the end. Also, Aristotle believes that for a man to be happy he must take into consideration an active life of virtue which will eventually bring him close to a happy end. On the other hand, according to my aunt’s actions in real sense does not show the aspect of virtue at all because the way she gets to her end does not bring the actions that are anticipated by Aristotle. Therefore, according to Aristotle, my aunt’s actions will not portray the aspect of virtue and happiness in that getting money from the public for the reason of building an orphanage then diverting it to personal account does not bring the character of virtue at all.


It is of great concern for individuals to take into consideration Aristotle’s view of virtue and happiness with keen interest since it explains the essence of leading a virtuous life that would lead to happiness at the end.

Work cited

Crisp, R. (2013). Socrates and Aristotle on happiness and virtue. Plato’s and Aristotle’s Ethics, 55-78.